Aluminum can baler for sale 

60T aluminum can baler for sale to Poland

We're so excited to share that one client from Poland bought one aluminum can baler for sale from Shuliy in July 2023. Why buy the aluminum can baler for Poland?....

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Vertical baler machine

SL-60T vertical baler machine for cardboard sold to Ghana

Congratulations! In July 2023, one client from Ghana purchased a 60T vertical baler machine for waste cardboard recycling. vertical baler machine cardboard boxes waste cardboard Shuliy vertical baling press for....

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Scrap baling machine

SL-135 scrap baling machine ordered by Somali customers again

Good news to Shuliy! In June 2023, this Somali customer ordered the customized scrap baling machine and plastic shredder again for a Dubai client. scrap baling machine plastic crusher By....

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Vertical cardboard baler for sale

SL-30T vertical cardboard baler for sale to Malta

In May 2023, one customer from Malta ordered one SL-30T vertical cardboard baler for sale used in his store. He has carton boxes and cardboard in the store and wants....

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Scrap metal baler for sale

Scrap metal baler for sale to the Philippines

In April 2023, customers from the Philippines purchased a series of metal recycling machines, including a scrap metal baler for sale, a shredder, charcoal briquette machine for his business. new-designed....

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Fully automatic horizontal baler

120T fully automatic horizontal baler sold to Indonesia again

At the end of March 2023, our company again sold a 120T fully automatic horizontal baler to a customer in Indonesia. This customer was looking for a machine for his....

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Horizontal metal baler machine

SL-135T horizontal metal baler machine Sold to Somalia

In March 2023, a customer from Somalia ordered a horizontal metal baler machine from us. In fact, these two customers who visited our factory are overseas students studying in China....

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Horizont baler machine

A 120T horizontal baler machine ordered by the Indonesian client for the third time

Breaking news! This Indonesian client ordered again the 120T horizontal baler machine from Shuliy. it's the third time to place the order. horizont baler machine shuliy horizontal hydraulic baling press....

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Vertical cardboard compactor for sale

30T vertical cardboard compactor for sale to Algeria

A customer from Algeria ordered a 30-ton hydraulic vertical baler from Shuliy. He bought it for carton baling, so it is also called a cardboard compactor for sale. Besides, we....

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