The hydraulic cardboard baler is especially for waste cardboard and corrugated cardboard for the purpose of square shapes and convenient storage and transportation.

Shuliy’s cardboard compactor actually belongs to the hydraulic baler, which is often used in various scrap recycling stations for baling and recycling various wastes, such as cardboard, cartons, used clothes, tires, straw, sawdust, etc. If you are interested in this, welcome to contact us!

Why recycle and bale the cardboard/carton?

Cardboard can be used for storage, transportation, etc. of various things. But when its mission is completed, the cardboard is disposed of as waste. In this case, there are usually scrap collectors for recycling.

After recycling, the cardboard is stored or resold again. In this case, the use of a cardboard baler for compacting will greatly improve the efficiency of storage. And in the next processing will greatly reduce the time.

Commercial cardboard baler for sale

As a professional manufacturer and supplier of recycling equipment, our hydraulic balers are very popular in the international market. There are two types of hydraulic balers for baling waste paper boards or similar materials: vertical hydraulic baler and horizontal hydraulic baler.

Vertical cardboard baler for sale: it’s widely used in the recycling industry for various waste.

Automatic horizontal cardboard baler machine: fully automatic and semi-automatic horizontal baling press machines are available for your choice.

What’s the industrial cardboard box baler price?

The price of the machine is affected by various factors. As mentioned above, the carton baler belongs to a kind of hydraulic baler, and there are 2 kinds of waste carton baling. Choose a different baler price is not the same. In addition to this, there is the size of the carton you want to pack. Different sizes choose different machine models, the price is not the same.

Technical parameters of vertical and horizontal cardboard baler machine

Vertical cardboard baler machine

ModelPressureMotorVolume of the inner boxFinal product sizeCapacityWeight

Horizontal cardboard compactor machine

Feeding port size1700*1020mm2000*1100mm1100*200mm1100*2000mm
Final product size1100*900mm1100*1300mm1100*1300*1500mm(ajustable)1500*1100*1400mm
Final product weight1100-1550kg1100-1550kg1100-1550kg1100-1550kg
Total motor22kw43.5kw55kw62kw
Packing wayManual tempered wire 2.8-3.2mm 3 linesAutomatic tempered wire 2.8-3.2mm 4 linesAutomatic12# wire 5linesAutomatic 12# wire 5 lines
Control systermPLC SystermPLC SystermPLC SystermPLC Systerm
Oil type46# Hydraulic oil46# Hydraulic oil46# Hydraulic oil46# Hydraulic oil
Oil tank2000kg2000kg2000kg2000kg

Working video of horizontal baling press for waste cardboard