The vertical cardboard baler machine is a highly efficient machine designed for the recycling of waste cardboard. With flexible size adaptability, economical baling price and reliable after-sales service, the hydrualic baling press provides the ideal solution for customers.

Cardboard bale recycling: profitable cardboard bale price

Cardboard packaging recycling has become a profitable business. By baling waste cardboard into compact squares, not only can they be easily stored and transported, but they can also have a significant sales value.

Generally speaking, the cardboard bale price depends on the market supply and demand and the quality of cardboard. Prices tend to be higher when the market demand is high and the quality of the cardboard is good. Recycling companies usually price their cardboard by weight and base their pricing on cardboard quality, cleanliness and the recycling market.

What equipment can be used as a cardboard baler machine?

As a professional baler manufacturer, we are now solemnly introducing a hydraulic vertical cardboard baler machine. The baling efficiency and quality can be improved through compression and other processes, thus increasing the value of cardboard squares. This not only enhances recycling profits, but also contributes to environmental protection and resource recycling.

Of course, there is also our horizontal hydraulic baler, which is the most suitable baler to buy mainly according to your baling needs, budget, etc.

Shuliy hydraulic cardboard baler instructions

  1. Preparation work
    • Tidy up the cardboard, make sure the surface is clean and remove any excess appendages.
    • Check that the power supply and hydraulic system of the cardboard baler machine are operating properly to ensure safety.
  2. Operation of the vertical cardboard baler
    • Place the waste cardboard at the feeder of the waste cardboard baler machine.
    • Press the start button and the baler starts working.
    • The baler will automatically compress the cardboard and turn it into compact squares.
    • When baling is complete, stop the vertical cardboard baler machine.
  3. Check cardboard bale
    • Check the baled cardboard squares to make sure they are compact and secure.
    • If needed, adjust the parameters of the baler to get better baling results.
  4. Maintenance
    • Clean dust and debris from inside and outside of the baler regularly.
    • Check the hydraulic system fluid to make sure it is adequate and clean.
    • Regularly check and tighten the bolts and connecting parts of the vertical cardboard baler machine.

How about the vertical cardboard baler machine troubleshooting?

Vertical cardboard baler machine issuestroubleshooting
The baler will not start1. Check that the power supply is connected properly and make sure the plug is tightly inserted.
2. Check that the power switch is on.
3. Check power lines and fuses to make sure they are working properly.
Baler runs slowly or under pressure1. Check the hydraulic oil level and add or replace hydraulic oil if needed.
2. Check the hydraulic system for leaks, and if needed, repair the leaks.
3. Check if the hydraulic cylinder is working properly, and if needed, maintain or replace it.
Unsatisfactory baling results1. Check the baler’s pressure regulator to make sure the pressure is set correctly.
2. Check the packing time setting of the baler and adjust it according to the quality and thickness of the cardboard.
3. Check the tension adjustment of the packing belt to ensure proper tightness.
Abnormal baler noise1. Check the bolts and fasteners of the baler to make sure they are secure.
2. Check the baler’s pistons and hydraulic cylinders to ensure they are running smoothly.
3. If needed, lubricate the baler’s moving parts.
possible vertical cardboard baler problems

How to choose trusty industrial cardboard baler manufacturers?

Qualifications and experience

Product quality & performance

After-sales service

Reasonable baler price

Delivery time

World market reputation

Generally speaking, the above aspects are to be considered, but not only the above. If you want to choose the right waste cardboard baler machine, you can contact us, and our sales manager will provide professional advice according to your needs.