In April 2023, customers from the Philippines purchased a series of metal recycling machines, including a scrap metal baler for sale, a shredder, charcoal briquette machine for his business.

Raw materials of customers from the Philippines to crush and bale

The customer’s raw materials are scrap metal and cans, aluminum, paint buckets, milk powder cans, etc., for shredding and baling.

Customers from the Philippines visited the scrap metal baler factory

This customer contacted us in mid-February, sending us an inquiry about the metal baler.

After the initial understanding, they wanted to come to China for a factory visit and started to prepare a series of documents for approval by the government.

At the end of March, the Philippine customer successfully arrived at Xinzheng Airport in China and then visited the metal baler factory to test the metal recycling machine in order to understand its performance and effectiveness of the machine.

Testing video of the scrap metal baler for sale and other metal recycling machines for the client from the Philippines

After the customers came to the factory, we tested the horizontal metal baler, shredder, and metal shearing machine for them. Shown below videos:

Machine list for the Phillippines

After a trial run, the customer decided to purchase a 40ft container for the scrap metal baler for sale, shredder, briquette, and accessories to meet his needs in the Philippine market.

shredder PI

Notes: 40ft container is prepared for these metal recycling machines. And the payment terms: 50% as deposit and 50% balance should be paid before goods delivery from factory.