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Zhengzhou Shuliy Machinery Co., Ltd. is a domestic research and development and production enterprise of hydraulic equipment. Mainly produce scrap metal baler, scrap steel shearing machine, metal shredder, Chinese herbal medicine baler, waste clothes baler, cotton baler, metal shavings briquetting machine, automatic horizontal baler, gantry shearing machine, scrap cars. Companies that shred and recycle equipment are favored by users.

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Born for waste resources, recycling waste resources

This double shaft shredder also called an all-purpose shredder, is....

Vertical baler is equipment that compresses and packs waste plastic bags, plastic bottles, waste cardboard, and other materials. Its package is compact, neat, and beautiful, which can greatly reduce transportation costs.

The horizontal metal baler also can be called waste iron baler, cans baling machine, waste steel baling machine and aluminum cans baler. This kind of metal recycling equipment has very wide applications for pressing all kinds of metal wastes and other solid wastes with cylindrical, rectangular, cube, hexagonal and other multi prism shapes.

This hydraulic metal shearing machine(metal shear, sheet metal shear or gantry shear) is mainly used for cutting off large or long scrap metal materials.


Born for waste resources, recycling waste resources


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Vertical hydraulic baler sold to Gabon

Our vertical hydraulic baler can press various materials, such as waste paper, plastic, scrap iron, wood, corn hay straw, etc.....

120T automatic horizontal baler for sale to Indonesia

Shuliy horizontal baler for sale has a great performance for baling various waste materials, such as waste paper, carton boxes,....

Shipping 300T metal chip briquette machine to Italy

In Shuliy Machinery, the metal chip briquette machine can press the metal chips, powder, etc. into the regular shape. Such....

800T hydraulic shear delivered to Bahrain

This hydraulic shear is mainly used for shearing various metal scraps, such as round steel, iron plate, etc. Shuliy heavy-duty....

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How do you recycle PET bottles?

PET bottles, can be seen everywhere in life. PET plastic bottles are now a highly used beverage packaging. Therefore, PET...
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How much is a vertical cardboard baler?

People engaged in scrap acquisition, reuse of waste materials, storage and transportation of woven scrap bags, choose a handy baler...
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Overview of single & double shaft industrial shredder blades

Customers can choose the appropriate blade according to the material to be shredded, and adjust the thickness and quantity of the blade to obtain the expected shredding particle size and output. So, what is needed to know about the type of shredder blades? Besides, what should users pay attention to if the blade needs to be repaired and replaced during long-term use?
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How to use and change blades of scrap metal guillotine shear?

As a large-scale hydraulic shearing and cutting equipment, scrap metal guillotine shear is mainly composed of gantry, silo, hydraulic system, and so on. For users of gantry shears, it is necessary to understand the blade replacement operation and the safe operation specifications of the sheet metal guillotine shear.
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