Good news to Shuliy! In June 2023, this Somali customer ordered the customized scrap baling machine and plastic shredder again for a Dubai client.

By purchasing our metal baler and plastic shredder, customers are able to efficiently process and bale-up metal scrap and crush plastic scrap into reusable pellets. Our equipment provides efficient, reliable solutions that help customers increase productivity, reduce costs and bring more returns to their business.

Why did the Somalia client buy the SL-135 scrap baling machine again from Shuliy?

This is the second time that a Somali customer has ordered from us. The first time, he also came to visit our factory and had a certain knowledge of our manufacturing and production strength, plus the scrap baling machine he ordered worked well, so he made a second purchase.

Based on the metal baling needs provided by the customer, we tailored a metal baler machine to meet their specific specifications and requirements. At the same time, the customer also purchased our high-efficiency plastic shredder to meet Dubai client’s needs in the plastic recycling process.

Machine list for Somalia

Customized metal balerModel: SL- 135
Block size is 30*30*60 cm
Machine silo size:  1200*600*700mm
Pressure:  135ton
Power: 11kw
Opening method: manual door
Packing size: 3500*2000*1800mm
Thickness: Rib plate 16mm, flange plate 30mm, main board 16mm, wear plate 12mm
The thickness of the edge thickness totals 24mm Pressure  main cylinder diameter:C:\users\lenovo\appdata\local\temp\ksohtml33976\wps1160mm
1 pc
Plastic crusher
Plastic crusher
Model: SL-800
Machine size: 1400*2000*2050mm
Capacity: 700-800kg/h                                                  
The length of the 800-type blade is 400, the width is 100, and the thickness is 16.
The screw is 15*60.      
Blade screw 40pcs
1 pc
machine list for Somalia

Notes on the machine for Somalia:

  1. Scrap metal baler voltage: 415v 50hz 3p.
  2. Payment term: 40% by T/T as a deposit the balance should be paid before the machine is ready for delivery.
  3. Warranty: 2 years.
  4. Delivery time: 25-30 days.