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metal shears for cutting waste sheel
metal shears for cutting waste sheel

This hydraulic metal shearing machine(metal shear, sheet metal shear or gantry shear) is mainly used for cutting off large or long scrap metal materials. The meta cutter machine is suitable for cold cutting of various shapes of scrap steel, scrap iron, dilapidated gasoline barrels and various metal structural parts in various metal recycling processing plants, scrap car dismantling sites, smelting and casting industries, etc., which is convenient for further baling into waste metal cubes by metal balers.

600T metal shearing machine
600T metal shearing machine

Brief introduction of the metal shears

Scrap metal shearing machine is a kind of equipment suitable for shearing and crushing of heavy scrap steel. The application of this machine solves the problem of crushing heavy waste charge, which is widely used in rolling mills, metallurgical plants, and waste steel treatment and recovery units. This metal shear is the effective equipment for metallurgical charge treatment and section shearing.

commercial metal scraps cutting equipment
commercial metal scraps cutting equipment

The waste metal shearing machine adopts the hydraulic system for cutting all kinds of metal sheets, steel plates, waste cars shells and so on. The sheet metal shears are made of high-quality steel so that it is very durable and has high working efficiency. It is the commonly used waste metal processing equipment in many metal recycling plants.

Applications of the hydraulic metal shearing machine

The sheet metal shearing machine (gantry shears), also known as gantry-type metal shears, are mainly suitable for cutting various solid scrap iron, light and thin scrap steel, scrap car shells, bulk light metal structures made of steel, scrap steel for production and living, and various plastic nonferrous metals (stainless steel, aluminum Alloys, copper materials), etc. into various specifications for easy transportation and suitable for compression baling into furnace charge. These electric metal shears are ideal processing equipment for steel plants, non-ferrous metal smelting industry, precision casting industry, and raw material manufacturers.

waste metal shear with feeding conveyor
waste metal shear with feeding conveyor

How does the gantry shear work?

The metal sheets shear machine’s structure mainly includes the frame, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic power system, and electrical system components. When this gantry shear machine works, it often matches with the use of automatic feeding conveyor. The steel plate and iron plate are grabbed by the grabber and sent to the conveyor belt, while the scrap metal material is automatically sent to the cutting place of the metal shearing machine’s cutter edge by the conveyor belt for cutting.

The feeding speed of the conveyor can be adjusted by the governor’s motor. There are side extrusion oil cylinders on both sides of the conveyor. When processing large wastes, such as scrap cars, which cannot be cut through the cutting edge of the gantry shear, the waste can be squeezed and reduced through the side extrusion oil cylinder of the conveyor, and then sent to the cutting edge through the conveyor table to cut off.

customers' metal shearing applications
customers’ metal shearing applications

Performance advantages of the sheet metal shears

  1. The gantry shear has a large opening area, which is suitable for machining materials, loose heavy scrap metals, light and thin scrap steel, automobile shells, large irregular steel structures, steel pipes, steel plates, channel steel, I-beams, steel bars, etc. Various materials can be easily put into the bin, which fully improves the utilization rate of this metal cutting equipment.
  2. The shearing length of the metal shearing machine mainly includes 400mm, 600mm, 700mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, etc. In addition, the shearing force of the machine mainly includes multiple tonnages of 50 to 400 tons. We can also customize the cutting length of the machine and the shearing force of different tonnages to meet the different production needs of customers.
  3. The metal section cutting machine adopts PLC automatic control touch screen control panel and has a multi-angle full-range monitoring system, which is convenient for users to control and track the use of the equipment throughout the process. The metal shear runs smoothly and is easy to operate. In addition, a wireless remote control device is optional, and a single person can operate the entire metal cutting production line.
large metal shears using in recycling plant
large metal shears using in the recycling plant

Precautions in operation and blade replacement

Check this article to know more details: How To Use And Change Blades Of Scrap Metal Guillotine Shear?

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