In Afghanistan, a plant specializing in metal reprocessing was faced with the challenge of baling swarf. Efficient metal scrap baler is both a requirement for waste management and a prerequisite for efficient reprocessing. As a result, the customer was looking for a reliable metal baling solution, namely scrap metal baler.

Metal scrap baler
metal scrap baler

Why choose Shuliy metal scrap baler for Afghanistan?

After extensive market research, the Afghan customer chose the Shuliy metal baler. Known for its superior performance and efficient baling capacity, this machine met the customer’s expectations for increased efficiency and reduced costs. Specific machine benefits are shown below:

Professional customization to meet production needs

The Afghan customer’s production line had some unique requirements for the scrap baling press. Our professional team worked closely with the customer to customize a metal scrap baler to meet the specific requirements, ensuring baling results while maximizing the customer’s production needs.

Efficient baling for improving reprocessing efficiency

The customer quickly felt an increase in productivity after using Shuliy’s metal scrap baler. Efficient baling not only provides metal waste for reprocessing, but also reduces production costs and creates greater added value for the company by reducing scrap disposal costs.

Affordable and creates more value

This customer in Afghanistan praises the affordable performance of our scrap metal baler machine. By improving the efficiency of metal baling, customers not only realize cost savings, but also create more value for the sustainable development of the enterprise.

Machine list for Afghanistan

Metal balerModel: SL-125 tonne metal baler
Bin size: 1200*800*600cm
Package size: 30*30cm
Motor size 15kw
Raw material for baling: Iron chips
Voltage: 380v 50hz 3p

Need to send to Yiwu warehouse
1 pc
machine list for Afghanistan

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