This cardboard box shredder is specially designed to shred all kinds of cartons, mainly for the recycling of all kinds of paper boxes. This machine is an all-around shredder and can therefore shred all kinds of materials such as waste paper, plastic, woven bags, clothes, wood, etc. If you have waste to be shredded, please contact us for more information!

Why use the industrial cardboard box shredder machine to crush the cartons?

Cartons are a recyclable resource that can be processed and used as raw material for paper-based products, such as paper. Therefore, the use of Shuliy carton shredder for cardboard boxes processing protects the environment and also recycles resources.

Advantages of Shuliy carton box shredder machine

  1. This twin-shaft shredder machine has a wide range of applications and can be used for shredding a wide range of materials, making it possible to achieve multiple uses.
  2. Shuliy’s carton shredder machine has good performance and the main components are constructed of high-quality materials, which makes it smoother to use and has a long service life.
  3. The blades are of good quality and are more robust and durable.
  4. The equipment is low noise, easy to maintain, and economical.

Differences between the vertical/horizontal cardboard baler and industrial cardboard shredder

Functions: the hydraulic cardboard baler machine is mainly to bale the cardboard/cartons into a regular shape for commercial use, like a sale. The cardboard crusher machine is to shred the cartons into pieces for the preparation of the next process.

Used machines: the cardboard baler uses the machine in name of baling press, the key point is baling; while the key point of the cardboard box shredder is “shred”.

The functions that you want to achieve are different, so you need different machines. The main thing is to choose a machine according to your needs.

Technical parameter of the Shuliy industrial cardboard box shredder machine

ModelPower (kW)Output (t/h)Blades quantity (pcs)