Very happy to have reached a cooperation on small cardboard baler with a Costa Rican customer. Our vertical baler can quickly handle waste for recycling, such as waste cardboard. This is the intention of this customer. Let’s take a look at the details below.

Small cardboard baler
small cardboard baler

Customer needs

A waste company in Costa Rica faced a huge waste management challenge. They needed an efficient, reliable machine to bale and compact waste cardboards to reduce transport costs, improve processing efficiency, and reduce the volume of waste.

Shuliy’s solution

Small cardboard baler for sale
small cardboard baler for sale

According to the customer’s needs as well as his budget, we offered a special solution: an SL-40 vertical cardboard baler. This small cardboard baler is not only fast for waste disposal but also cost-effective. It is an indispensable waste recycling machine for this company. The machine parameters are listed below for reference:

Vertical BalerModel: SL-40T
Motor power:11kw
Machine dimension: 1650*850*2750mm
Bale  size:1000*600*800mm
Oil pump:550#
Machine weight: 650kg
1 pc
machine parameters

What features of small cardboard baler attract this client?

  • High-pressure capacity: 40 tonnes of pressure is enough to efficiently compress a wide range of waste materials and ensure sturdy baling.
  • Compact design: Our small cardboard baler has a compact design with a small footprint that fits into limited workspaces.
  • Easy to operate: The equipment is simple to operate and the customer’s staff quickly masters the art of using it, increasing productivity.
  • Outstanding after-sales service: Shuliy provides comprehensive after-sales support to ensure that customers receive timely repair and maintenance services when you encounter problems during use.

Want to quickly do cardboard recycling?

Are you struggling with what to do with your used cardboard? Come to contact us quickly, we will recommend the right machine according to your needs to help you process it quickly.