What materials can be baled by Shuliy hydraulic baling press?


Shuliy's hydraulic baling press is a recycling baler with a wide range of applications. If you want to know what kind of materials can be baled by Shuliy's hydraulic balers,....

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How do you recycle PET bottles?


PET bottles, can be seen everywhere in life. PET plastic bottles are now a highly used beverage packaging. Therefore, PET bottles are being used in large quantities nowadays. With the....

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How much is a vertical cardboard baler?


People engaged in scrap acquisition, reuse of waste materials, storage and transportation of woven scrap bags, choose a handy baler can play a multiplier effect. For the initial processing households,....

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Overview of single & double shaft industrial shredder blades


Customers can choose the appropriate blade according to the material to be shredded, and adjust the thickness and quantity of the blade to obtain the expected shredding particle size and output. So, what is needed to know about the type of shredder blades? Besides, what should users pay attention to if the blade needs to be repaired and replaced during long-term use?

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How to use and change blades of scrap metal guillotine shear?


As a large-scale hydraulic shearing and cutting equipment, scrap metal guillotine shear is mainly composed of gantry, silo, hydraulic system, and so on. For users of gantry shears, it is necessary to understand the blade replacement operation and the safe operation specifications of the sheet metal guillotine shear.

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How to choose and install alligator shear blades?


Hydraulic metal shears are widely used in cold shearing of steel waste. The metal shear is suitable for various raw metal materials.  This article mainly introduces the blade types and installations that users are concerned about.

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Causes of insufficient shear force of sheet metal guillotine


In the use of sheet metal cutter machines, some users might encounter the problem of insufficient shear force and get puzzled. Here are some common reasons and solutions for reference.

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Daily inspection and maintenance of hydraulic baler machine


With the increasing use of hydraulic baling machines, people begin to pay more attention to the maintenance of the hydraulic baling press machine, so as to prolong the service life and increase economic benefits.

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Why is double-shaft industrial shredder so powerful & durable?


he double-shaft shredder industrial shredder, also known as a scrap metal shredder, is widely used in the recycling of scrap metal, waste plastics, waste rubber, wood, and other large-volume wastes. Featured with the advanced design of the double-shaft structure, high torque, unique blades, etc., the industrial shredder machine is able to tear up all kinds of waste materials for resource recycling,

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Metal baler is a necessity for scrap metal recycling and smelting industry


The metal baler can squeeze various metal scraps into qualified block materials. It is necessary equipment for most scrap metal recycling and processing industries and metal smelting industries.

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