The Malaysian customer was looking for an efficient baling solution in the scrap metal recycling market, especially for scrap such as iron pins. He needed an iron scrap baling press with the right capacity to meet the huge demand for scrap metal recycling.

Iron scrap baling press
iron scrap baling press

Solution: Shuliy 125-tonne metal baler

We recommended our 125-tonne iron scrap baling press with strong baling capacity and 30*30 bale block customization. This machine is equipped with a 15kw motor, which is suitable for the customer’s voltage standard and provides them with high performance.

  • Efficient side-push bale: This metal scrap baling machine adopts the side-push bale method, which improves the baling efficiency and is suitable for the fast processing of iron wastes and other scrap metals.
  • Customized bale size: 30*30 bale size meets customer’s specific needs, ensuring strong and compact baling.
  • Applicable voltage: 380v 60hz 3-phase electricity voltage standard to ensure normal operation in Malaysia.
Metal balerMetal baler
125Tons pressure
Power :15kw
Baler size :300*300mm
Bin size:1200*800*500m
Forming time :100s
Semi-automatic type
1 pc
machine list for Malaysia
Motor for 125t metal baler
motor for 125T metal baler

Why buy Shuliy iron scrap baling press?

The Malaysian scrap metal recycling market has always been a booming sector with an increasing demand for efficient and energy-saving metal balers. Our 125-tonne metal baler machine has found a wide range of applications in this, with its high baling capacity and customization features making it a popular choice in the market.

Also, the reliability and efficiency of this metal baler have enabled the customer to handle large quantities of scrap metal more easily during the recycling process, increasing productivity and, in turn, delivering more significant economic benefits.