This double shaft shredder also called an all-purpose shredder, is specialized in shredding various materials. The scope of shredding is very wide, involving various aspects, such as cloth, metal, plastic, building materials, household garbage, wood, used appliances, etc. Thus, the twin-shaft shear shredder has a wider range of applications than the gantry shear. This industrial shredder has the advantages of compact design, strong structure, and high crushing efficiency. In addition, this scrap shredder is also very popular in various industries because of its wide range of applications, and it can realize a multi-purpose machine. Therefore, if you are interested in just looking at the machine, welcome to contact us.

Moreover, our double shaft shredder has been exported to Malaysia, Italy, Indonesia, Iran, Uzbekistan, Romania, the USA, Australia, Peru, Russia, and so on. So, it is enough to see that our machines have a good market audience.

Industrial dual shaft shredder for sale

In Shuliy Machinery, the rotary shear shredder comes in many different shapes, mainly to meet the needs of our customers. And the output of the multifunctional shredder ranges from large to small. A smaller double shaft shredder is common in appearance, while the larger one will have stands. Besides, the machine can be equipped with a conveyor belt if customers need it. It is important to note that our double shaft tire shredder is equipped with a screen, which is different from other material shredding.

Applications of industrial shredder

There is a wide range of applications of the double shaft shredder:

Fabric: all kinds of rags, rags, clothes, bed sheets, and covers.
Scrap metal: iron wire, car shells, aluminum scrap, iron scrap, lead plate.
Construction scrap: steel pipes, steel, pipe fittings.
Scrap tires: car tires, truck tires, bicycle tires.
Waste appliances: TV sets, washing machines, refrigerator shells, freezer shells, gas stoves.
Electronic waste: cell phones, circuit boards.
Various containers: plastic cans, plastic drums, iron drums, packaging boxes, drums, etc.
Wooden category: wooden pallets, plastic pallets, forklift brackets, wood.
Others: motorcycles, kitchen waste, household waste, animal carcasses, RDF derivatives, medical waste, biological straw, garden waste, rubber head waste, paper mill twisted rope, etc.

Double shaft shredder applications
double shaft shredder applications

Structural components of the scrap metal crusher machine

The double shaft shredder comes in different shapes and sizes. Large ones need to have a stand, some materials shredding also need to be equipped with a screen, and some are equipped with a conveyor belt in response to customer demand.

But the main composition of the machine is the same. Mainly there are silo, cutting knife, motor (diesel engine), reducer, double shaft, and other components. The machine structure is reasonably designed to facilitate the use of the purchaser.

Plastic shredder machine structure
plastic shredder machine structure

How does the industrial metal shredder work?

The main working part of this machine is double shaft shredder blades along with a pair of relatively rotating drums. On the drum, there are helical gear knives. After entering the machine, the material is torn and sheared by the cutters in a staggered rotation, then split and broken into smaller sizes and subsequently discharged.

Features of the double shaft shredder

  1. The medical waste shredder uses two excellent motors, which can provide the power for the whole machine to work in stable operation.
  2. The digital shredder has low speed and low noise, suitable for indoor and outdoor work.
  3. The blades on the double shaft can be dismantled for easy maintenance, which greatly shortens the maintenance time.
  4. The number and material of the blades can facilitate the business because of meeting the needs of customers and providing the best solution for shredding different materials.
  5. This double shaft crusher adopts a screen-free design at the discharge port, which greatly improves the shredding efficiency.
  6. The tire recycling shredder has an independent PLC control system, which is safe and convenient to use.
  7. The bulk shredder can use the motor or diesel engine, according to the needs of your region’s flexible choice.
  8. The blades can also be customized according to the different crushing materials.
  9. The blades are made of excellent materials, and durable.
  10. The double roll film shredder has a wide range, involving all aspects, and can meet the needs of many customers.
  11. Low speed, high torque, large shear force, high stability, long service life.
Shredder blades
shredder blades

How about the double shaft shredder machine price?

The price of the scrap metal shredder machine is affected by various aspects, as far as the machine itself, mainly the machine configuration of the reducer and blade.

Reducer. Its role is to reduce the speed while increasing the output torque, but also to reduce the load inertia. Therefore, the reducer has ordinary models and configuration models, configuration models are certainly more expensive than ordinary models.

Shredder blades. In the shredding of materials, the blade plays a vital role. Therefore, the thickness, quantity, and quality of the blades affect the price of the machine. Of course, we can configure the blades according to the needs of customers.

Technical parameters of the shredder machine

ModelPower (kW)Output (t/h)Blades quantity (pcs)


Q: Do you support customization?

A: Yes, of course. Our shredders have a wide range of applications and high processing capacity and can be customized according to customer needs.

Q: What is the medical waste shredder price?

A: Our sales staff are professional and will provide you with the right solution according to your actual needs and budget.

Q: What if there is a problem after purchasing the double shaft shredder?

A: We do provide after-sales service. No matter when you encounter problems, our staff will reply for you patiently and attentively until we help you solve the problem!