The hydraulic press alfalfa baler machine is especially for hay, straw, etc. compaction. The alfalfa baling press has the features of great performance, wide applications, and cost performance.

The alfalfa baler for sale from Shuliy has a good reputation in the world, it can bale and press the raw materials into square bales to achieve customers’ goals. This kind of hydraulic baling machine can also be used for other materials, like tyres, PET/plastic bottles, clothes, sponges, sawdust, etc.

If you’re interested in this kind of hydraulic alfalfa baler machine, come and contact me now, and you can also visit our manufacturing factory!

Why compact hay/straws using Shuliy alfalfa baler machine?

First of all, it is important to know clearly what alfalfa, hay/straw are.

Alfalfa is a kind of grass that can be recycled and baled as silage feed or for other purposes. And the hay/straw is the materials that are left after harvesting crops. The common point is these can be again recycled, otherwise burning them can cause pollution to the environment.

Thus, the alfalfa hay baling machine plays an important role to compact and pressing the materials in order for convenient usage.

Two kinds of hydraulic machines for baling alfalfa

As a reliable and famous hydraulic baling press producer & seller, the hydraulic baling machine for alfalfa/hay/straw has two types of machines available. We divide the machines into the horizontal and vertical baling presses.

These two types of hydraulic balers have actually the same function, only the construction structure of the machine and the price of the machine is different. It mainly depends on the customer’s choice.

Shuliy Machinery – the reliable alfalfa hay baler machine manufacturer & supplier

In fact, Shuliy Machinery has decades of experience in the recycling industry. Whether it is for the manufacturing of the alfalfa baler machine or the service to customers, Shuliy Machinery is a trustworthy manufacturer.

Professional Manufacturing Team

Competitive Machine Price

Considerate After-Sales Service

Our production technicians are among the top in this industry, which makes hydraulic baling press super quality.

Because we are a combination of production and trade, the selling price is the factory price, which is very advantageous.

Our after-sales service is also first-class. After selling the machine, our after-sales staff will follow up on the customer’s usage.

How to choose the proper hydraulic alfalfa baling press?

In the market, there are many manufacturers of the alfalfa baler machine for sale. According to our rich experience, there are several tips on choosing the suitable hydraulic alfalfa baler machine.

  1. Clear what materials customers want to press.
  2. Figure out the size of the finished products.
  3. Recommend the machine type that the customer prefers.

The above is only the advice given, for your reference when choosing the alfalfa baler machine. The specific also needs to communicate with the professional staff. They will offer the most suitable solution to benefit your business.

Video that foreign customers visit alfalfa baler factory to Watch machine work