The waste tyre/tire baler is a hydraulic baling press, which is suitable to bale rubber, truck tyre, car tyre, and other similar materials for recycling.

For owners in the automotive industry, waste tires are generated at any time. Using a hydraulic baling press for waste tires allows for neat stacking of tires and also greatly improves tidiness.

Advantages of the hydraulic baler machine for recycling waste tyre/tire

  1. Fully automatic control, easy to operate, and easy to use.
  2. High-quality motor, which can provide enough power for the machine to work.
  3. High-performance hydraulic cylinder, which provides a good push for material baling.
  4. Good machine configuration, great performance, and excellent use effect.
  5. Customized service. We can customize the tire baler machine according to the customer’s needs and produce the baler specifically for you.

Working scenes of Shuliy fully automatic tire baler machine

The picture above shows our fully automatic horizontal baler at work. When baling tires, it can be transferred to the inlet through the conveyor belt autonomously, and then the machine will do the baling autonomously. Our baling machine can perform the baling work of waste tires very well.

How to choose a suitable tire baler machine?

As a professional hydraulic baler manufacturer and supplier, we have decades of production and sales export experience, summarized the following points for your reference.

Determine the type of tire baler

Trustworthy tire baler manufacturer

Choose whether it is a semi-automatic or fully automatic baler

Good after-sales service

Videos of hydraulic vertical/horizontal waste tire baling machine