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aluminum can baler machine for sale
aluminum can baler machine for sale

The aluminum can baler machine is the new-designed metal baling equipment for recycling all kinds of metal cans, such as aluminum cans, canned food boxes, beverage cans, dairy cans, etc. This hydraulic aluminum cans press machine is especially useful for pressing and baling all kinds of aluminum cans, iron cans, paint cans, gasoline cans into solid bales. The final baled cans will be easy for transportation and store.

The aluminum can balers in this industry use hydraulic pressure to squeeze metal raw materials into solid blocks. The hydraulic pressure of the machine can be selected according to the different raw materials to be processed and the processing volume.

horizontal aluminum cans baling machine
horizontal aluminum cans baling machine

Why recycle aluminum cans with the hydraulic aluminum can baler?

Aluminum is a very valuable metal resource on the earth, and it is also widely used in life. Recycling waste aluminum cans are often more valuable than iron cans. The price of aluminum can reach more than 20,000 yuan per ton, while the price of iron is less than 10,000 yuan per ton.

Because the composition of the iron can is complicated, tin and zinc are often plated on it, and the cost of refining is also high. Aluminum in the composition of aluminum cans is much purer, and it is easy to recycle and refine again. In the process of recycling and processing waste aluminum cans in large quantities, hydraulic aluminum can balers are widely used machinery.

Main functions of the aluminum can baler machine?

During the process of recycling bulks of aluminum wastes, such as aluminum cans, aluminum sheets, scrap aluminum, and so on, we always should rely on baling machines for pressing these metal scraps into small blocks for easy storing and transporting. The automatic aluminum cans baling machine is the commonly used metal recycling equipment for the fast baling of these scrap metals with fewer wastes of the aluminum materials and less pollution of the environment.

Indonesia customer using of the metal baler
Indonesia customers using the metal baler

Main features of the beverage cans baler machine

Aluminum can baler is an energy-saving and environmentally-friendly metal recycling machine. It utilizes the principle of hydraulic pressure baling to compress metal materials such as aluminum cans, iron lumps, etc., so as to realize resource recycling and reuse.

The metal sheets baler uses hydraulic transmission and has the advantages of compact structure, convenient installation, simple operation, and easy maintenance. The aluminum can baler machine does not require foot screws when installing, and combines all the advantages of a packer, and is advanced baling equipment.

How much is an aluminum can baler machine?

For pressing the scrap metal, we Shuliy machinery can provide the whole set of professional metal baling equipment with different working capacities. No matter what processing capacities of your aluminum cans baling and recycling are, we can support you with the most suitable metal baler.

Shuliy horizontal metal baler machine
Shuliy horizontal metal baler machine

Our hot-sale aluminum cans press machines are mainly the vertical type metal baler and the horizontal type metal baler. These two types of aluminum scrap balers can meet the customers’ different production needs. The customer who wants to process the aluminum cans on a small scale can choose the vertical type of baler machine, and the horizontal metal baler is suitable for the large metal recycling plants.

Therefore, as for different metal baling machines, their prices are also different, and the users should purchase the one which is can meet their actual requirements to the greatest degree.

Baled aluminum cans for selling with good price
Baled aluminum cans for selling at a good price

Parameters of the aluminum can baler machine

Equipment model Pressure(ton)Press bin size(mm)Bales size(cm)Press time(s) Power(kw)
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