With the upsurge of the waste recycling industry, the double-shaft metal shredder has been more and more used in various recycling production lines. The scrap metal shredder is a piece of multi-functional equipment, applicable to wastes with different hardness, shapes, and sizes. If you’re interested, welcome to contact us!

What is the scrap metal shredder?

The double-shaft metal shredder machine adopts double rollers for opposite rolling shear, and it is mainly used to crush various metal and other wastes, such as scrap iron, scrap steel, scrap aluminum alloy, oil barrels, cans, and waste household appliances.

The final materials are in small pieces, which are space-saving, convenient for transportation, and recycling. The scrap metal shredding machine has the characteristics of high crushing efficiency, low noise, low energy consumption, and high output, which embody the advantages of low speed and high torque shear design. This series of scrap metal shredders are widely used in the recycling of waste metal products, waste plastics, waste rubber, textiles, wood, and other large-volume wastes.

Application of Scrap Metal Shredder

Applications of shredder machine
applications of shredder machine

The metal scraps shredder can generally be used to tear aluminum alloy, rubber tires, automobile shells, large pipes, wood, electrical parts, cable, waste furniture, plastic bottle, cardboard, circuit board, wood, machine oil barrel, cans, large animals, large textiles and other materials that are difficult to break. Through the double shaft shredding function, the coarse crushing effect of materials is simply realized, which is convenient for subsequent processing.

Structure features of the car shell shredder

The main structure of the scrap metal shredder includes the feed hopper, frame, gear motor, electric motor, ladder, protective fence, pulley, protective cover, and discharge port. The following is the specific information.

Metal shredder structure details
metal shredder structure details
  • The size of the feed hopper is 60mm x 60mm, and the hopper size can be customized based on specific needs.
  • Two motors are equipped with two gear reducers, ensuring stable work and avoiding noise.
  • The protective cover on the pulley can play the role of dust prevention and safety protection.
  • The guard rails and ladder are convenient for personnel to view and ensure safety.
  • The blades of the metal crusher are made of high-strength and wear-resistant material. We offer blades with different hardness for selection to meet different demands. The blades adopt multiple claws and other structures to ensure that the claws can firmly lock the waste materials when tearing them.

Working principle of metal shredder

The reduction motor of the scrap metal shredder adopts a directly connected worm gear reducer. The gear motor is directly installed on the driving shaft of the shredder and transmits the power to the driven shaft through the speed change of large and small gears, so as to form a relative movement between the helical tooth cutter disc on the driving shaft and the driven shaft. The spiral tooth cutter discs on the driving shaft and the driven shaft are staggered, so that the materials are squeezed, torn, and sheared at the same time.

Video of the scrap metal shredder

Highlights of industrial vehicle shredder

1. Wide range of applications. The metal scrap shredder can be used to tear up scrap steel and scrap iron, and can also process scrap aluminum, aluminum profiles, circuit boards, engine oil filter elements, vehicle shells, electric devices, raw aluminum castings, leather, wood, plastics, bones, and other materials.

2. The cutter head of the metal shredder has the advantages of strong shredding and high crushing efficiency.

3. Low-speed gear reducer has high transmission efficiency, stable operation, and low noise.

4. The torque is large. It is suitable for materials of various volumes, especially for crushing waste materials with large volumes and irregular shapes.

5. Easy operation and labor-saving.

Scrap-metal-shredding-machine-with-different-types-of-blades 1
scrap-metal-shredding-machine-with-different-types-of-blades 1

How about the scrap metal shredder machine price?

The scrap metal crushing machine price is affected by several factors, such as machine types, machine models, materials, the models of speed reduction motor, and the motor. Apart from double-shaft scrap metal shredders, we offer single-shaft metal shredders as an option, which are often used to crush wood.

Parameter of scrap metal crushing machine

The following are the main technical data of two models of our metal scrap crusher machines. For other models or specific needs, welcome to send us your requirements. Customized services are also available.

Model SL-400

Voltage440V, 60HZ, 3phase  
Blade thickness20mm
Number of blades20
Equipment size2000*1100*1620mm

Model SL-1000

Blade Disc diameter (mm)485
Blade thickness (mm)50
Number of blades20
Shaft diameter (mm)260
Dimensions (mm)4500×1900×2200
Hopper opening size (mm)1400×1200
Broken room size (mm)1200×1050
Box thickness (mm)50
Motor power (kw)Y-6 45kw×2
Speed (per minute / revolution)9-15

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