The hydraulic metal shear machine is mainly used for cutting various waste metal sheets, waste steel tubes, scrap steel plates, and so on. This jaw type of scrap metal cutting machine is suitable for all kinds of scrap metal recycling and processing plants, scrap automobile dismantling plants, iron, and steel smelting and casting industries, etc. and it can cut off various shapes of steel plates and various metal materials. When using this metal scrap cutting machine to cut scrap metal, the cutting length can be adjusted freely.

A brief introduction to the hydraulic metal shear machine

This hydraulic metal shear is famous for its crocodile-like design, therefore, it is also named the alligator shear machine. Scrap metal cutting machine is mainly used for cutting various kinds of metal materials in various steel mills, waste steel processing companies, waste metal recycling processing plants, etc. And the shearing size can be determined according to the specific requirements of customers.

Hydraulic metal shear machine features

  1. Compared with the gantry shear, this industrial hydraulic shear has the advantage of easy moving for cutting the waste metals in different places.
  2. Besides, this kind of metal shear has few limitations regarding the raw materials for cutting because its shearing method is not strict with the feeding size of the waste metal materials.
  3. The cutting edge length of this metal shear machine is available in 400mm, 600mm, 700mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, and other specifications.
  4. Its shear force ranges from 63 tons to 400 tons in 8 grades. Among them, the cutting machine with a cutting blade length of more than 700mm is particularly suitable for cutting scrapped automobiles.

Metal shearing machine supplier
metal shearing machine supplier

Structural of the scrap metal cutting machine

The structure of the waste metal shearing machine mainly includes the frame, shearing head, pressing claw, shearing head action cylinder, pressing claw action cylinder, and hydraulic oil supply device.

Structure of the metal shears
structure of the metal shears

The output end of the piston rod of the shear head action cylinder of the machine is hinged with the rear end of the shear head, and the output end of the piston rod of the press pawl action cylinder is hinged with the upper end of the press pawl.

This metal shear machine has the advantages of high working efficiency, high shearing strength, wide application field, low equipment failure rate, low noise, and simple operation.

Parameters of the hydraulic metal shears

Standard shear force250T
Oil pump80*1
Cutting blade length1200mm
Way to controlautomatic/manual operation
Number of cutting per minute8-12

Materials suitable for shearing with this metal shear

Iron sheets, cast iron, steel plates, color steel tiles, metal scraps, aluminum alloy plates, channel steel, angle steel, copper plate, scrap metal plate, aluminum cans, scrap steel bars, aluminum plates, iron plates, round steel, scrap car shells, aluminum tanks, gasoline tanks, paint tanks, natural gas tanks, and so on. The shearing machine with a shearing length of more than 700mm is especially suitable for cutting waste vehicles.

All kinds of metal sheets for cutting
all kinds of metal sheets for cutting

Safe operation guides for the hydraulic metal shears

1. The metal cutting equipment shall be operated by specific personnel, and other untrained personnel shall not operate the machine at will.

2. Before using this metal cutter, carefully check whether all parts of the machine are normal and whether the fasteners are firm.

3. The shearing machine is prohibited to cut non-annealed steel parts, cast iron parts, soft metal parts, thin metal materials, materials with lengths less than 100 mm, and metal waste exceeding the length of scissors.

4. During the operation, the human body is not allowed to approach the transmission part and knife-edge of the equipment and the safety of the surrounding personnel shall be paid attention to prevent the material from warping and hurting people. When cutting, try to cut the material close to the inside of the knife. When cutting short materials, it is not allowed to use hand-held workpieces to feed materials, but to use clamps to feed materials.

5. When the equipment is running, the operator shall not leave the post without permission. When the work is completed or temporarily left, the power supply shall be cut off. At the same time, when the machine is running, it is not allowed to repair or touch the moving parts with hands. It is strictly prohibited to press the materials in the material box with hands or feet.

6. The lubricating parts of the machine shall be filled with lubricating oil at least once per shift as required.

Hydraulic metal scraps shear machine video

New-type of the hydraulic metal shear machine with conveyor

This new type of hydraulic metal shearing machine is a scrap metal scraps cutting equipment newly designed by our factory. The appearance of the machine is very different from the alligator shear machine, and the function is also greatly improved.

Scrap crusher machine

The processing efficiency of the two metal shears is basically the same. However, this new type of metal cutting machine is usually connected with an automatic conveyor to facilitate the automatic transfer of metal materials. The automatic conveyor can replace the manual feeding of workers, saving time and effort, and is safer.

Scrap cutter

This scrap cutter machine has the biggest shearing force among these three. If you want to know more, please refer to the below website: