Breaking news! This Indonesian client ordered again the 120T horizontal baler machine from Shuliy. it’s the third time to place the order.

Through time and time again, we have learned that this customer not only uses the baler machine himself but also helps his customers to buy it.

Why did this Indonesian client buy the horizontal baler machine from Shuliy three times?

When he first purchased the baling press machine, the two sides communicated in more detail and with a longer lead time before finally settling on the 120T horizontal baler machine. After using it, the result is very good and this customer is very satisfied.

In the second purchase of balers, the two sides communicated very quickly, and within just a few days he decided to purchase a horizontal baling machine for waste paper baling.

In the third purchase, it was also very quickly, and quickly determined the model 120T horizontal baler machine, but this time did not choose the conveyor belt.

We were able to reach the above three cooperation not only because of the good performance of our balers but also because of our business manager April. She not only follows up on the usage of our customers but also solves the after-sales problems in a timely manner when they arise. The trust between the two sides has been growing, and we finally reached long-term cooperation.

Machine parameters for the Indonesian client

120T automatic Horizontal balerModel: 120
Power: 22kw
Baler size :1100*800mm
Baler density:400-500kg/m3
Baler weight:600-800kg/baler (according to different materials)
Capacity:5-6 baler /hour
Bundling method: 4 manual strapping
Without conveyor
1 set

Notes to 120T horizontal baling press:

  1. Do not need to change the voltage, machine color is a blue and red color scheme.
  2. Payment terms: 30% as a deposit and 70% rest should be paid before machine delivery from the factory.
  3. Delivery time: 15-25 days.