The waste iron baler machine(iron scraps baling machine) is the hydraulic type of metal waste recycling equipment for many metal processing plants, especially for most of the iron and steel recycling industries. This iron waste scraps baler machine can press all kinds of iron sheets, iron wires, and iron scraps into cubic or cylindrical briquettes under the machine’s hydraulic pressure.

How to recycle the waste iron scraps and iron wires?

Horizontal metal baler machine for sale
horizontal metal baler machine for sale

Iron is the most commonly used metal in our daily life and industrial fields, which is relatively rich compared with other kinds of metal, like copper and aluminum. It will occur many wastes when processing iron products in current metal factories so it is very necessary to reuse these iron wastes to make more profits for many metal producers. The iron sheets baler machine is specially designed for baling various scrap iron wastes into blocks for easy storing and transporting.

Waste iron baler machine description

The scrap iron baler is used to squeeze all kinds of scrap metal into solid blocks or columns under normal conditions, so as to greatly reduce its volume, reduce the delivery volume, save freight, and improve the economic benefits of the company.

The scraps iron sheets baling machine has the advantages of excellent rigidity and reliability, unique design, simple operation, convenient maintenance, high safety, environmental protection, and energy-saving. The metal packing machine can be widely used in various metal smelters, used material recycling stations, and other enterprises.

It is suitable for the recycling of various waste metal materials. This hydraulic metal baling machine is a good equipment to improve labor productivity, reduce labor intensity, save human resources and reduce transportation costs.

Main features of the iron scraps baling machine

1. The iron scraps baler machine is easy for automatic production. Compared with other industrial equipment, it has the advantages of convenient operation, energy saving, compact structure, and high working efficiency.

2. The hydraulic transmission system of the metal baling machine adopts the latest design, with superior performance, which can ensure more efficient work of the whole packing process.

3. The control system of the machine can be controlled by PLC automatic control or manual operation of the rocker, and customers can choose according to their needs.

Waste metal scraps are baled for recycling
waste metal scraps are baled for recycling

Technical data of the iron wires baling machine

ModelPush PowerCompressed warehouse(mm)Bale size
Block density(kg/h) Efficiency(kg/h)Single cycle time(s)Power(kW)