In May 2023, one customer from Malta ordered one SL-30T vertical cardboard baler for sale used in his store. He has carton boxes and cardboard in the store and wants to squash them.

By using a vertical hydraulic baler, the client from Malta has achieved fast and efficient baling of cartons. This machine has strong pressure and stable working performance to compress and fix cartons tightly, ensuring strong and safe packaging.

The benefits of using a vertical cardboard baler for sale for Malta client

The vertical cardboard baler for sale is easy to operate, and the client in Malta can quickly master the operating skills. Not only has it improved efficiency, but it has also reduced labor costs and the risk of packing errors.

The customer made a wise choice with the hydraulic baling press, and the efficiency and reliability of this machine have made a huge improvement to his carton baling process. He is now able to complete baling tasks more quickly and efficiently, saving the business time and money.

Reference to the vertical baler for Malta

Cardboard baler machine pi
cardboard baler machine PI