In Colombia, a motivated business leader was faced with the challenge of generating additional profits from the company’s surplus metal scrap – aluminum chips. Traditional metal processing methods were inefficient, and efficient utilization of metal powder was urgently needed. As a result, this customer was in dire need of a solution for aluminum chips. It was also he who contacted us. To meet the customer’s needs, we recommended a new aluminum chip briquetting machine that also included Shuliy’s advanced technology.

Customized solutions to meet his expectations

Based on our Colombian customer’s need to process aluminum chips, we recommended him one of our new metal briquetting machines, specially designed to press aluminum powder. This machine is a new type of equipment that we have developed specifically to meet our customer’s needs for the processing of metal powders.

For this Colombian customer, the performance parameters of this machine, as well as the personalized adjustments to the design and operating interface, perfectly fit his operating habits.

Machine list for Colombia

Metal chips briquette machinePressure:1250kn          
Press briquette diameter:70mm   
Feeding port size:580mm-470mm
Hydraulic oil pump: F532  gear pump
Power:7.5 kw
System control: Plc
Cooling type: Wind cooling
Forming type: 20-25 s
Feeding method: dosing
Fuel tank capacity:140L
Capacity: 50-100kg/h
1 pc
Machine List For Colombia

Benefits of using Shuliy aluminum chip briquetting machine

The high efficiency of the Shuliy aluminum chip briquetting machine is the key to the customer’s favor. Through advanced briquetting technology, metal powder is compactly pressed into a sturdy block product, which not only facilitates storage and transport, but also enhances the reuse value of the scrap. This means higher profit returns for the customer. And for this Colombian customer too.

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