A paper recycling company in Costa Rica was facing problems of tight storage space, high transport costs and low processing efficiency when handling large quantities of waste paper. It urgently needed to introduce a high-performance hydraulic baler to optimize resource utilization and improve overall operational efficiency.

Hydraulic baler for waste recycling
hydraulic baler for waste recycling

Solution and implementation

The enterprise chose to purchase our 40-tonne hydraulic vertical baler, which has strong pressure and efficient compression capacity, especially suitable for large-scale waste paper recycling scenarios.

After the installation and debugging guided by the professional team, the equipment was successfully put into daily waste paper baling work.

Vertical cardboard baler for sale
vertical cardboard baler for sale

Project effectiveness on 40T hydraulic baler

  • Improve baling efficiency and quality: After using our 40-tonne hydraulic baling press, the baling speed of waste paper is significantly increased, the amount of waste paper that can be processed per hour is greatly increased, and the baled blocks of waste paper are neat and compact, which greatly reduces the waste of space in the process of storage and transport.
  • Cost savings and environmental protection win-win: As a result of the improvement of baling density, not only effectively saves the storage area and logistics costs, but also reduces the impact on the environment, helping enterprises to achieve the economic benefits and environmental benefits of the double enhancement.

Customer feedback and outlook

The Gotagaska waste paper recycling company highly evaluated the performance and after-sales service of our 40-tonne hydraulic baler, saying that it improved its production efficiency and enhanced its market competitiveness at the same time.

In the future, both parties will continue to deepen their cooperation and jointly promote the green upgrading and development of the local waste paper recycling industry.