With the boost of the environmental industry, many related companies are equipped with double-shaft plastic shredders to shred plastic waste for recycling. The plastic shredder machine reduces the volume of plastic waste and facilitates the subsequent granulation process.

Working video of plastic bottle shredder

A brief introduction to the plastic shredder machine

The plastic shredder machine is a roll-cut shredder that rips waste materials through the shearing, tearing, and squeezing of rolling blades with hooks. The industrial shredder machine (also known as a metal shredder) is mainly used for preliminary crushing, suitable for all kinds of bulk solid materials, refractory materials, plastic containers, and other plastic products. Strong cutting ability, high production efficiency, long service life, and wide application range are all the advantages of the plastic shredding machine.

Application scope of the plastic film shredder

The plastic shredder machine can be used for the crushing and recycling of waste plastics such as boxes, thin pipes, blow-molded parts, bottles, shells, etc. Or, it’s as an auxiliary machine for the injection molding machine to re-grind the nozzle materials or defective parts of the injection molding machine.

Its application range involves bulky pipes and profiles, large blow-molded parts, and other production waste such as PET bottles, PE film, plastic film bales, plastic drums, plastic sheets, plastic boards, plastic floors, containers, and so on.

Machine application 2
machine application 2

The plastic bags shredder machine can also process the following materials:

  • Scrap metal: paint buckets, scrap steel, scrap iron, scrap aluminum, metal briquettes, etc.
  • Timber: lumber, tree roots, wooden pallets, scrap furniture
  • Rubber: tires
  • Cardboard, carton, paper, books
  • Waste household appliances, vehicles: TV sets, washing machines, motorcycles, cars, bicycles, etc.
  • Cables and wires, circuit boards
  • Waste clothes or fabrics

Outstanding features of the plastic shredder machine

  1. Compared with the single-shaft plastic shredder, it has a wider range of applications, and can handle larger volumes of raw materials and higher efficiency.
  2. Thick and heavy moving knives:all knives are cast with alloy steel, sturdy and long service life with a high crushing efficiency.
  3. The plastic recycling equipment has the characteristics of low speed, high torque, low noise, and dust that can meet environmental protection standards. 
  4. The frame plate is thick, resistant to high torque and very strong.
  5. Easy to adjust, low maintenance cost and very durable.
  6. Adopt microcomputer automatic control, set start, stop, reverse and overload automatic reverse control functions.
  7. The thickness of the tool and the number of claws can be changed according to different materials, and the size of the discharged particles is uniform.
  8. The feeding port is large and can be customized.

How does the plastic lumps shredder work?

The material enters the inside of the shredding box through the feeding system, and the box carries the shredding blade. The material is shredded into small pieces after the combined action of two rows of shredding blades, such as tearing, squeezing, and shearing, and discharged from the lower part of the box.

Precautions for using the plastic shredder machine

  • Before starting the plastic shredder machine, it needs to strictly check whether the installation of each component is reasonable and whether the bolts are loose.
  • The plastic shredder should be preheated and idling before starting up. This step can improve the working state of the equipment and prolong its service life.
  • The industrial shredder should be regularly maintained for smoothness, but it should be noted that the lubricating oil should not be added too much at one time.
  • After the operation, the broken plastic should be completely emptied, and then the machine should be closed. The state of the blade should be checked in time, and the worn blade should be polished and replaced in time to prevent damage to other parts of the equipment caused by the wear of the blade.
  • During the feeding process, users should add suitable crushing materials according to the model, and adding hard materials that exceed the crushing capacity may cause damage to the blade and motor, resulting in equipment failure.