A leading company in Kuwait was facing a metal scrap management challenge. Huge, unorganized piles of metal scrap were not only taking up space, but were also cumbersome to handle. To solve this challenge, this company turned to Shuliy’s scrap metal press machine.

Scrap metal press machine
scrap metal press machine

Why introduce Shuliy scrap metal press machine for Kuwait?

Efficient baling to increase productivity

The Kuwaiti customer successfully baled the metal scrap efficiently by choosing a Shuliy metal baler. Not only does the machine quickly compress scrap into sturdy blocks, it also dramatically increases productivity. Instead of being a stumbling block to management, metal scrap has become a valuable resource.

Autonomous processing to reduce costs

By introducing our scrap metal baler, the Kuwaiti customer has achieved autonomy in scrap handling. Instead of relying on external services, he was able to efficiently process metal scrap in-house, reducing outsourcing costs. This also creates both economic and environmental benefits for the company in terms of scrap management.

Green choice to be eco-first

Our horizontal scrap iron baling machine not only excels in efficient scrap handling, but also complies with the latest environmental standards. The choice of Kuwaiti customers not only realizes rational waste management, but also sets the company on a more environmentally sustainable path of development.

Machine list for Kuwait

Metal BalerModel: SL-160 Tons
Power: 18.5kw
Baler size :350*350mm
Bin size:1200* 1000*600m
Forming time: 110s
Baler method: front flip
1 pc
Blades7 Pieces Blades of baler7 pcs
machine list for Kuwait

Inquiry about the scrap metal press machine!

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