In March 2023, a customer from Somalia ordered a horizontal metal baler machine from us. In fact, these two customers who visited our factory are overseas students studying in China now, from Somalia, helping Somalian customers to purchase the hydraulic scrap metal baler machine.

Horizontal metal baler machine manufacturer
horizontal metal baler machine manufacturer

Through conversation, Tina knew that this customer’s raw material is scrap iron, and the customer’s friend had two metal balers from India, but the quality was not very good and there were already problems, so the customer wanted to buy one horizontal metal baler machine for use.

Before placing the order for the horizontal metal baler machine, Somali customers also require a factory visit and also guarantee delivery time, etc.

Customization requirements for the metal baler machine

Because of the lack of electricity, the client requires the metal baler machine to be simple to operate and power-saving. Also, it’s easy to use for the operator.

According to customer requirements, the motor is 11kw. Also, the hydraulic door is replaced by a manual opening, because the customer said that the hydraulic door cannot be repaired easily.

Video of customers visiting the horizontal metal baler machine factory

During the factory visit, the customer repeatedly confirmed that the delivery time and the thickness of the machine should be guaranteed.

Machine parameters for the client from Somalia

Metal baler(customized)
Metal balercustomized
Model: SL-135T
Block size: 30*30*60 cm
Machine silo size: 1200*600*700mm
Pressure: 135ton
Power: 11kw
Opening method: manual door
Packing size: 3500*2000*1800mm
Thickness: Rib plate 16mm, flange plate 30mm, the main board 16mm,
the wear plate 8mm; the thickness of the edge thickness totals 24mm
Voltage: 415v 50hz 3p
1 pc

Notes: This 135-ton metal baler machine was customized specifically for this customer’s needs.

Payment term: this customer pays 40% upfront and the remaining 60% before delivery.

Delivery time: 15-20 days.

Warranty period: 2 years.