At the end of March 2023, our company again sold a 120T fully automatic horizontal baler to a customer in Indonesia.

This customer was looking for a machine for his end customer, and we provided him with various drawings and operating instructions for the baler machine so that he could introduce it to his customers.

This fully automatic horizontal baling machine is one of our top products, featuring high efficiency, energy saving, and intelligence. In addition, the machine has very low energy consumption, which can help customers reduce costs and improve economic efficiency.

The end customer of this Indonesian client was so satisfied with our product that he chose our baler again. We are also very grateful to our customers for their trust and support.

In conclusion, the re-sale of this 120T automatic horizontal baler fully proves the excellent quality of our company’s products and services, and we believe that we will have a better development in the future cooperation.

Proforma Invoice of the 120T fully automatic horizontal baler for Indonesia

Fully automatic horizontal baler pi for indonesia
fully automatic horizontal baler PI for Indonesia

Note that this 120-ton automatic baling machine does not have a conveyor, no need to change the voltage, and needs to add a water cooling system.