Horizontal Metal Baler | Waste Metal Baling Machine

commercial metal baler
commercial metal baler

The horizontal hydraulic metal baler also can be called waste iron baler, cans baling machine, waste steel baling machine and aluminum cans baler. This kind of metal recycling equipment has very wide applications for pressing all kinds of metal wastes and other solid wastes with cylindrical, rectangular, cube, hexagonal and other multi prism shapes. Its hydraulic pressure can be adjusted according to the actual baling requirements of a certain kind of material.

Baled waste metal scraps
Baled waste metal scraps

Description of the hydraulic metal baler machine

This aluminum can baler machine can be widely used in medium-sized or large metal resources recycling plants and the metal products manufacturing factories. The horizontal iron wire baling machine uses multi-strength from its hydraulic system to press the metal wastes with irregular shapes and sizes into the compact columns. And after baling, these metal briquettes are easy for transporting and storing in the bins as well as saving much land occupies.

Main applications of the waste metal baler

The hydraulic metal scraps baler is suitable for various large, medium and small steel mills, waste metal recycling processing industry and non-ferrous metal smelting industry. The commercial metal baling machine can press various metal scraps, steel shavings, scrap steel, scrap aluminum, scrap copper, etc. into qualified shapes such as cubes, cylinders, octagons, etc. to reduce the transportation and smelting costs of metal scraps materials.

different types of metal balers are in stock
different types of metal balers are in stock

The hydraulic metal pressing machine is a kind of mechanical equipment for extruding various waste metal products under normal conditions. Various cans, paint buckets, tin cans, scrap iron, scrap steel, iron sheets, used bicycles, color steel tiles, light and thin iron sheets, pig iron blocks, cans, beer cans, scrap aluminum flakes, scrap copper blocks, iron barrels, car shells, automobile racks, and aluminum alloy materials can be pressed and formed at one time by using the hydraulic baler, which can improve the speed of furnace operation and labor efficiency.

How does the horizontal metal baling machine work?

Metal materials have the property of plastic deformation. The hydraulic pressure of the horizontal steel plate baler can give the metal materials sufficient external force that can aggregate and produce permanent deformation, thereby forming a compact solid block. When the metal scraps briquetting equipment is working, we can use the grab machine to place the materials to be packed into the box of the packer. Next, open the machine’s hydraulic cylinder control valve. The hydraulic metal baler itself has three hydraulic pressures accumulating on each other, which can quickly compress metal materials into columns.

Working video of scrap metal baler

Maintenance tips of the hydraulic metal baler

1. Every week, clean the scraps or dirt in the bin of the metal baler.

2. Once a month, clean and lubricate the slide, middle knife, and front ejector.

3. Add lubricant to all bearings of the machine every three months.

4. Regularly replenish the hydraulic oil in the oil tank of the metal baler once every two years.

5. Every time you add hydraulic oil, it should be appropriate. Remember not to add too much, so as to avoid malfunction of the microswitch due to oil immersion.

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