Hydraulic baler for waste recycling

Costa Rica uses our 40-tonne hydraulic baler for waste paper efficient recycling

A paper recycling company in Costa Rica was facing problems of tight storage space, high transport costs and low processing efficiency when handling large quantities of waste paper. It urgently....

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Shuliy vertical compactor

Successfully use our vertical compactor in Philippine waste tyre recycling plant

A waste tyre recycling plant owner in the Philippines wanted to improve the processing efficiency and profitability of its business. Faced with piles of waste tyres, traditional processing methods could....

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Iron scrap baling press

125T iron scrap baling press for Malaysia to meet market demand

The Malaysian customer was looking for an efficient baling solution in the scrap metal recycling market, especially for scrap such as iron pins. He needed an iron scrap baling press....

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Metal scrap baler

SL-125T metal scrap baler for iron recycling in Afghanistan

In Afghanistan, a plant specializing in metal reprocessing was faced with the challenge of baling swarf. Efficient metal scrap baler is both a requirement for waste management and a prerequisite....

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Aluminum chip briquetting machine

Send aluminum chip briquetting machine to Colombia

In Colombia, a motivated business leader was faced with the challenge of generating additional profits from the company's surplus metal scrap - aluminum chips. Traditional metal processing methods were inefficient,....

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Scrap metal press machine

Shuliy scrap metal press machine solves Kuwait’s scrap problems

A leading company in Kuwait was facing a metal scrap management challenge. Huge, unorganized piles of metal scrap were not only taking up space, but were also cumbersome to handle.....

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Small cardboard baler

Costa Rican client uses small cardboard baler for recycling

Very happy to have reached a cooperation on small cardboard baler with a Costa Rican customer. Our vertical baler can quickly handle waste for recycling, such as waste cardboard. This....

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Metal scrap baling press

Export 3 sets of metal scrap baling press machines to the Philippines

A customer from the Philippines recently made a major investment in his metal scrap recycling business with the purchase of three high-quality metal scrap baling press machines. In order to....

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Vertical balers

2 sets of vertical balers sold to the USA

A paper recycling company in the United States recently decided to introduce advanced equipment to improve the efficiency of their baling operation in order to deal with the increasing demand....

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