This woven bag shredder is essentially a dual-function twin-shaft shredder that can shred all kinds of woven bags, new films, fishing nets, and other kinds of woven fabrics. This twin-shaft woven fabric shredder is widely known for its high efficiency, performance, and versatility.

This woven bag shredding machine is a very popular machine in the recycling industry and is often used for the recycling of various materials. If you’re interested in this type of machine, welcome to contact us for more details!

Working video of dual shaft woven bag shredder

Wide applications of the twin shaft woven bag shredder machine

Shuliy woven bag crusher can shred various woven materials, listed below:

New-type films, woven bags, fishing nets, etc;

Waste agricultural film, packaging film, greenhouse film, ton bags, space bags, food, cement bags, waste fishing nets;

Woven bags, tonnage bags, snakeskin bags, plastic bags, etc.

Working principle of the Shuliy PP woven bags shredder

This machine works with a double shaft in the drive so that when the material is put in, there is a squeeze between the materials and thus automatic feeding. Through the twin shaft blades, the cutting is carried out. The blades are so well constructed that they do not clog with each other, thus increasing efficiency.

Performance features of this twin-shaft woven bag shredder

  1. Blades: high-quality materials are used to manufacture the blades for good quality and long life.
  2. Double axis: directional installation in the machine, fixed blade role, making the use of the blade and maintenance more convenient.
  3. Both the inlet and the support can be customized according to customer requirements.
  4. The machine can be equipped with a stand to make it even easier to check the working status.
  5. This woven bag shredder has been continuously updated and now features low noise, good performance, and high efficiency.

Technical parameters of the woven bag crusher

ModelPower (kW)Output (t/h)Blades quantity (pcs)