A waste tyre recycling plant owner in the Philippines wanted to improve the processing efficiency and profitability of its business. Faced with piles of waste tyres, traditional processing methods could no longer meet the growing demand for recycling.

The customer urgently needed to introduce an efficient and reliable vertical compactor for rapid compression and storage and transportation of tyres.

Introducing advanced vertical hydraulic baler for the Philippines

After market research and comparison, the customer finally chose to purchase our vertical baler.

With a powerful hydraulic system, this vertical compactor can easily complete the efficient compression and baling of various types of waste tyres, significantly reducing the occupied space and improving the overall operational efficiency.

Vertical Tyre Compactor
Vertical tyre compactor
Model: SL-200T
Box size: 1500*1100*1700mm
Packing size: 1500*1100*950mm
External dimensions: 2700*2700*4300mm
Main cylinder: double cylinder 245
Pushing cylinder: double cylinder 115
Lift door cylinder: double cylinder 115
Motor: 18.5KW
Pump: HY80 plunger pump + 550 gear pump
Weight: 7 tons
1 pc
machine parameters for the Philippines

Benefits of using vertical compactor in the Philippine waste tyre recycling plant

  • Improve baling efficiency: Since the adoption of our vertical waste compactor, the customer’s waste tyre processing speed has obviously accelerated, and the number of tyres that can be processed per day has greatly increased, which greatly reduces the work intensity and also improves the resource turnover rate.
  • Optimize storage and transport costs: After baling, the volume of waste tyres is reduced, which makes it easier to stack, store and transport them over long distances, thus saving storage space and logistics costs and making the whole recycling process more economical and environmentally friendly.
  • Enhance the environmental benefits and economic benefits: By using our waste management vertical compactor, customers not only make outstanding contributions to environmental protection, but also successfully improve their operating efficiency, and achieve a win-win situation of sustainable development and profitability.
Vertical tyre compactor for sale
vertical tyre compactor for sale

Customer feedback

The customer highly evaluates the performance and after-sales service of our vertical baler machine, and indicates that they will continue to deepen the cooperation relationship with us, and jointly promote the progress of the waste tyre recycling industry in the Philippines, and create a bright future of green recycling economy together.