The scrap metal baler machine is the common equipment for recycling all kinds of scrap metal wastes, which can squeeze a large number of metal scraps into blocks, which is convenient for metal wastes transportation and saves storage space. Only by choosing the right metal baler can the recycling efficiency of metal scraps be improved.

So, how do users choose the right scrap metal baler machine? How do determine what tonnage of metal baler meets their needs? What is the difference between different discharge methods of the scrap metal baler?

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The principle of choosing the tonnage of scrap metal baler machine

How to choose the tonnage of the metal baler? Generally speaking, customers should determine the tonnage of the selected metal baler according to their own production requirements. This is because the larger the tonnage of the metal scraps baler, the higher the processing efficiency and the larger the processing capacity.

Therefore, if the customer’s output is large, choose a large-tonnage metal baler, and if the output is small, choose a small-tonnage scrap metals press machine.

Baled waste metal scraps
Baled waste metal scraps

Common tonnage selection schemes of metal balers

  1. For 5-10 tons, choose SL-Y81-1250 type.
  2. For10-20 tons choose SL-Y81-1600 type.
  3. Choose SL-Y81-2000 for 20-30 tons.
  4. Choose SL-Y81-2500 for 30-50 tons.
  5. For 50-70 tons, choose SL-Y81-3150 type.

Secondly, customers also need to determine the type of metal baler they need based on their raw materials. For processing metal scraps that are easy to be baled, the output of the metal baler machine is high. On the contrary, the production of raw materials that are not easy to be pressed is low. Therefore, the tonnage selection of scrap metal baler machines is very important, and poor selection will result in high machine costs and low efficiency.

Customer using of the hydraulic metal baler
customer using of the hydraulic metal baler

How to choose the discharging method of scrap metal baler?

The most commonly used metal baler discharge methods are side-turning-discharging, front-discharging, side-extruding, and other discharging methods.

If the customer’s raw material is made of aluminum, we recommend that the user use the front discharge or side discharge method. Because the way of turning over the material will deform the metal bales and affect the appearance of the metal bales.