How to choose a suitable scrap iron baler machine?

scrap iron baler machine for sale

At present, many steel mills also have certain requirements for scrap metal raw materials. Especially for the impurity rate of scrap iron bales, the requirements are extremely high. In addition, it is required that the size of scrap iron bales cannot exceed 400*400 mm.

This requires scrap metal recycling plants to select the appropriate scrap iron baler machine and understand the use of the machine when recycling scrap metal.

applications of hydraulic metal baler machine
applications of hydraulic metal baler machine

Scrap iron baler machine types of Shuliy factory

SL-100 type scrap metal baler

The maximum pressure of this type of metal baler is about 100 tons. The baler is suitable for small scrap iron recycling stations. The internal size of the material box of the machine is: 1*1.2*0.3 meters and the size of the bale is about 200*200*700 mm.

The bale weighs about 30-50 kg. The hydraulic metal baler is easy to operate and has a small investment. It is suitable for packaging all kinds of light and thin metal materials such as iron sheets, paint buckets, iron wires, and color steel tiles.

SL-125 type hydraulic metal baler machine

The internal size of the material box of this model of metal scraps press machine has three specifications: 0.9*1.2*0.45 meters, 0.5*0.7*1.2 meters, 0.6*0.7*1.2 meters. The size of the material box of the baler is different, and the size of the bale is also different.

The common one is about 250*250 *(350-600) mm, or about 300*300*300 mm. This type of metal baler is suitable for processing iron shavings, iron filings, thin steel bars, bicycle racks, and other slightly thicker metal scraps.

The maximum pressure of the metal packing equipment can reach 125 tons to 130 tons. The inside of the material box of the machine is welded with a layer of wear-resistant plates, which are more durable and can be used in a wider range.

SL-150 type scrap iron baler machine

The scrap iron baler of this model has a larger material box with an internal size of about 1*1.5*0.6 meters and a maximum pressure of 150 tons. The hydraulic baler is mainly suitable for packing large pieces of light and thin metal scraps, bicycle racks, electric bicycle racks, large pieces of colored steel tiles, and other materials. The baling specifications are 250*250*600 mm or 300*300*600 mm. The weight is about 60-75 kg.

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