The scrap metal wastes recycling is of great significance. It can not only achieve resource reuse, save metal mineral resources, but also avoid environmental pollution. Recycling and reusing metal wastes is a good thing that benefits the country and the people. The commonly used metal resources recycling equipment is the hydraulic metal baler machine.

The brief definition of the waste metal scraps

Scrap metal refers to discarded metal fragments and debris from industrial and metal processing industries, as well as metal casings and fragments from mechanical equipment replacement. In addition, there are metals recovered from municipal waste and metal materials such as waste car shells.

Industrial metal recycling machines manufacturing
industrial metal recycling machines manufacturing

There are two sources of industrial metals: one is metal ore. The other is scrap metal resources. Metal ore is a natural resource, and scrap metal is a recycled and renewable resource. If more waste metal and less metal ore are used in the industry, it will greatly help to save metal mineral resources, and also reduce the environmental pollution caused by waste metal, and play a role in improving the environment.

What should we do before baling the metal scraps by metal baler?

Scrap metal is an important resource, and countries have specialized units to recycle and use the scrap metal. The recovered scrap metal is mainly used for refining and then converted into recycled metal resources. A small amount of scrap metal can be used to produce machinery, equipment parts, and various tools.

Baled scrap metal blocks
baled scrap metal blocks

In China, with the implementation of the circular economy strategy, the recycling of scrap metal will also become an important part of industrial development. However, to achieve this, sufficient scrap metal resources are required. So recycling scrap metal is very important. After the scrap metal is recycled, it contains a lot of renewable resources. Therefore, before the general waste metal is packed with a metal baler machine, the waste metal needs to be detected and classified accordingly, so that the waste metal resources can be more effectively recovered.

Current status of scrap metal recycling

In recent years, in various European countries, the upsurge of the utilization of scrap metal resources has set off, and it has received good environmental, social and economic benefits. At present, the actual situation of waste metal resources in different countries around the world is very different. For example, the United States has sufficient scrap metal resources and can vigorously develop the recycled metal processing industry. It can be seen that scrap metal resources also determine the overall structure of a country’s smelting industry.