A customer from the Philippines recently made a major investment in his metal scrap recycling business with the purchase of three high-quality metal scrap baling press machines. In order to ship efficiently, the customer optimized its shipping process by shipping in a 40-foot container.

Metal scrap baling press
metal scrap baling press

Shuliy’s metal scrap baling press features

For the customer from the Philippines, its superior efficiency in compacting metal scrap creates profit. The metal baler machine is designed with powerful hydraulics and sturdy construction that ensures seamless compaction of all kinds of metal scrap, including roofing materials. The process significantly reduces the volume of the scrap, maximizing shipping space and reducing transportation costs.

Benefits for the Philippine client

The purchase of the Shuliy metal scrap baling press can be a career changer for a client’s roofing materials recycling business in the Philippines.

The scrap metal baling machine’s efficiency in compacting metal scrap has enabled the customer to realize significant cost savings and operational improvements. As the metal scrap balers continue to deliver superior results, the customer is now better able to contribute to sustainable recycling practices in their region while improving the productivity and profitability of their business.

Machine list for the Philippines

metal scrap baling pressModel: SL- 125
Baled size is 30*30*30 cm
Machine silo size:1200*1000mm
power: 22KW
Weight of each bale:60-90kg
Voltage: 440v  60hz three phase
3 sets
metal baler specifications

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