Efficient scraps metal baler machine can press all kinds of scrap metal, cans, scrap iron and other kinds of metal wastes into square blocks. Automatic metal baler machine is the necessary equipment of scrap metal recycling market, so many scrap recycling stations, and metal processing enterprises need to purchase this kind of baling machine, so how to choose a good metal baling machine manufacturers?

Best metal balers are in stock
best metal balers are in stock

What is the meaning of using metal baler?

The commercial iron sheets baling machine can not only solve the problem of scrap metal storage but also save metal resources and increase the sales price of scrap metal. Besides, due to the baling functions of the metal baler, there will be less waste metal scraps in the land, which can reduce much land occupies and reduce metal wastes.

Good metal baling machine for shipping
good metal baling machine for shipping

Main applications of the metal baling machine

Metal baling machine is suitable for steel mills, foundries, scrap steel, and scrap iron recycling processing enterprises and non-ferrous metal production plants. The metal baling machine does not need to heat and add related additives during the whole compression process, reducing the delivery, exercise cost and improves the furnace speed.

Waste metal scraps for baling and recycling
waste metal scraps for baling and recycling

The new type of scrap metal press machine can extrude various metal scrap, steel shavings, scrap steel, waste aluminum, scrap copper, etc. into cubic, square, hexagonal or cylindrical blocks under adjustable hydraulic pressure.

Hydraulic scrap metal baler advantages

1. Hydraulic drive (or diesel drive) is selected for all models of scrap metal baler.

2. The discharging mode of the scrap metal sheets baler machine can be different, such as turning, pushing or manual picking.

3. The structure of the metal scrap baler is compact, and there is no need to fix the foot when installing it. Where there is no power supply, the diesel engine can be used as the power for this waste iron baling machine.

Waste aluminium sheets baling
waste aluminum sheets baling