2020 Overall Definition of Scrap Metal Recycling

scrap metal recycling with hydraulic metal balers

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We all know that scrap metal recycling is a business that benefits the country and the people. But is waste metal scraps recycling really just a collection of all scrap metal materials? What is the exact definition of scrap metal recycling? And what metal recycling equipment can we use for efficient waste metal recycling?

Main classifications of the scrap metals

Scrap metals are mainly divided into two categories: non-productive scrap metals and productive scrap metals.

1. Non-productive scrap metals

Non-productive scrap metal refers to the metal living utensils of urban and rural residents and enterprises and institutions that have lost their original use value, as well as small metal agricultural tools used by farmers for agricultural production, such as waste stoves, cookers, metal tableware, waste sewing machines, bicycles, rickshaws and their scrap parts, scrap sickles, hoes, plowshares and scrapped small grain processing equipment, scrap metal daily necessities, miscellaneous pieces, waste toothpaste skin, non-ferrous metal waste medicine tubes, etc.

Shuliy metal sheets press machine
Shuliy metal sheets press machine

2. Productive scrap metals 

Productive scrap metal refers to metal materials, metal products and metal products used in metallurgy, machinery, chemicals, construction, transportation, communications, electricity, water conservancy, oil fields, national defense and other production areas that have lost their original use value in the production process.

Those production equipment, including running steel, slag steel, cutting heads, plate edges, waste secondary materials, scale, steel chips, iron chips, scraps; waste cast steel, cast iron parts, waste semi-finished products, waste parts, scrap secondary products, broken iron; scrap and obsolete production equipment; scrap iron equipment, urban public scrap metal facilities; scrap tractors, scrap harvesters; scrap power transmission equipment; scrap motor vehicles, ships and their parts; scrap and decommissioned weapons and equipment; waste tools, taps, dies, drill bits; waste bearings, springs, stainless steel containers; non-ferrous metal cutting heads, chips, scraps; waste non-ferrous metal parts, waste non-ferrous wires, pipes, rods, belts in machinery cables and wires, waste copper enameled wires, waste conductive plates, waste lead batteries, waste aircraft aluminum, waste automobile water tanks, waste non-ferrous metal utensils; waste liquids containing gold and silver, waste electronic components plated with gold and silver, etc.

Baled waste metal scraps
Baled waste metal scraps

Best scrap meal recycling machines recommendations

  1. Large or small metal shears/cutting machines: mainly include the gantry shear and the alligator shear, which can cut large metal scraps into small pieces for easy processing.
  2. Hydraulic metal baler machines: mainly include the vertical metal baler for cans recycling and the horizontal metal baler for all kinds of scrap metal recycling.
  3. Scrap metal chips briquette machine: it is the efficient machine for briquetting various metal chips and metal powder into solid briquettes.

More To Explore

industrial metal baler for shipping to Iraq

Industrial metal baler installed in Iraq

In the scrap metal recycling and reuse industry, due to the application of industrial metal baler, its processing efficiency is greatly improved, and the utilization rate of scrap metal is also greatly improved. Recently, our factory exported an industrial metal baler to Turkey for baling all kinds of scrap iron and aluminum flakes.

copper chips briquetting machine for sale

Copper chips vertical baler shipped to Indonesia

We can use the hydraulic metal baler and vertical metal chip briquetting machine to collect and reuse the classified scrap metal fragments, which can not only improve the processing efficiency of scrap metal but also It can reduce the labor intensity of workers. Recently, we exported a vertical baler to Indonesia to press copper chips and aluminum chips into briquettes.

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