The automatic PET bottle baling machine (plastic baler machine) is designed for plastic, PET bottles press into a square shape.

This hydraulic baling press has high efficiency, a wide range of applications, and good performance. For investors, it is the desire to buy a baler with good performance and quality to facilitate their business. Our baler machine is such a machine. In addition, our balers have a very high repurchase rate, which can be found in our successful cases.

Why use the baling press machine for plastic/PET bottles?

PET bottles used for soft drink and mineral water packaging are often touted as the most environmentally friendly plastic, with one of the highest recycling rates in the industry. According to a study by the environmental NGO Zero Waste Europe, the PET recycling rate is about 50%. Recycled PET is often “down-cycled” into other products, such as plastic pallets, strapping, or fiber.

Therefore, depending on the characteristics of the PET plastic bottles to be recycled, relevant machines are created. This recycling industry makes the plastic baler machine of great use. After plastic bottle recycling, the bottles are centrally packaged and sorted to facilitate the next step for the investor.

Types of plastic/PET bottle baling machine for sale

There are two types of bottle pressing machines used for quickly and efficiently compacting plastic/PET.

Hydraulic oil drum baler machine

This kind of vertical plastic bottle baler has single-cylinder and double-cylinder types. The PET bottle scrap pressing machine has different types available.

This horizontal baler is divided into two types, one is semi-automatic as shown in the picture, and the other is fully automatic with a conveyor belt.

Plastic bottle baler machine

When choosing, we rely heavily on the real needs of our customers. Our sales staff will send the relevant model parameters to the customer, and then combine them with the size of the customer’s desired packing to recommend the most suitable machine for the customer.

Factors affecting the hydraulic PET bottle baling press machine price

When buying a machine, you should definitely consider its price. The same is true for the hydraulic plastic bottle baing press. Summarize the following factors that affect the cost of PET bottle baling machine for your reference.

Kinds of the hydraulic baling press machine

Model of the PET bottle baling press

Configuration of bottle press machine

Ways to deliver the PET bottle baling machine

Freight to the customer’s destination

International Exchange Rates

Advantages of baling the PET bottles using the bottle baler

Stacking is more neat and beautiful. Compared with plastic bottles scattered everywhere, the use of the drink bottle baler machine to sort out more clean and more beautiful.

Higher mechanical efficiency. Manual packing up is very slow and very tiring, using machinery, there is a very obvious efficiency improvement.

The next step of processing is more convenient. After pressing and compacting the waste PET bottles by the plastic PET bottle pressing machine, It’s the centralized management of processing, for the subsequent processing facilitates.

Shuliy PET bottle baling machine video