In the scrap metal recycling and reuse industry, due to the application of industrial metal baler, its processing efficiency is greatly improved, and the utilization rate of scrap metal is also greatly improved. Recently, our factory exported an industrial metal baler to Turkey for baling all kinds of scrap iron and aluminum flakes.

Features of the industrial metal baler machine

1. The metal baler is the special equipment for processing plastic metal scrap. After processing, the scrap metal material is pressed into a rectangular block with a certain density, which is convenient for transportation and storage.

Metal baling machine for sale
metal baling machine for sale

2. Commercial metal balers can pack and process scrap steel or strip waste. The main material types are pieces, rolls, and shredded pieces, which need to be broken into bales under normal conditions to facilitate transportation and smelting.

3. The moving parts of the metal baler are all hydraulically driven, working smoothly and with low noise. The hydraulic system uses plunger pressure compensation automatic variable pumps and slide valves. The working pressure can be adjusted steplessly within the allowable value.

Why did the Iraq customer choose Shuliy metal baler machine?

The raw materials of this Iraqi customer are mainly scrapped steel, stainless steel fragments, aluminum cans, and copper wires. There are many types of materials in his metal scrap recycling plant.

Aluminum scrap for baling
aluminum scrap for baling

Through communication, we learned that the customer wanted a hydraulic metal baler with a larger output. The weight of each packaged metal block is between 1-3 tons and the size is 1m*1m*1m.

Based on the customer’s needs, we recommended the appropriate model to him and sent him the working video of our customer’s factory so that he could better understand the working principle of the industrial metal baler.