A sheet metal guillotine also called a metal shear, is a kind of mechanical equipment with hydraulic transmission for cutting metal materials. The scrap metal guillotine has the advantages of large shear force, low noise, stable work, safe operation, and overload protection. The size of the shear port can be easily controlled according to the size of the raw material, so as to obtain high work efficiency. The scrap metal shearing machine is widely used in the scrap metal recycling industry, and small and medium-sized steel-making plants. In the process of long-term use of sheet metal cutter machines, some users might encounter the problem of insufficient shear force and get puzzled. Here are some common reasons and solutions for reference.

Causes and solutions of insufficient shear force

1. Check whether the proper preparations are made before using the sheet metal guillotine. For example, whether the wiring is correct. Observe the hydraulic oil level indicator to see if the oil level is too low. Check whether the pressure regulating valve has got increased the pressure.

2. If the voltage is too low, the system pressure will be too low. Check whether the motor is aging and solve it by installing a voltage regulator or replacing the motor.

3. If the pressure gauge fails, the displayed pressure is not the actual system pressure, which can be checked by adjusting the system pressure. If damaged, replace the pressure gauge with a new one.

4. A blocked or faulty hydraulic valve block will prevent the hydraulic valve from working properly. We need to check the hydraulic valve block, which can be removed and cleaned. If there is still no pressure after installation, it is likely that the hydraulic valve block is damaged and needs to be replaced with a new hydraulic valve block.

5. Check if there is oil leakage. When the hydraulic system leaks oil seriously, it is necessary to check the hydraulic pipeline and hydraulic cylinder of the scrap metal guillotine for oil leakage. In case of oil leakage, it can be solved by replacing the pipeline sealing ring and oil cylinder sealing ring.

In daily use, we also need continuous maintenance to improve the use efficiency and prolong the service life of the sheet metal guillotine.