This waste oil drum baler machine, also known as a hydraulic vertical baler, is designed for baling all kinds of waste such as waste oil tanks, fibers, woven bags, scrap iron, scrap steel, etc. This is a good quality baling press machine with good performance and is a good machine helper for waste recycling.

Why recycle waste oil barrels?

  1. Reducing space and removing noxious odors. Used oil drums are not usable after many uses. Putting them away not only takes up a lot of space but also emits unpleasant odors. And working in such spaces for a long time can cause certain damage to people. With recycling by the hydraulic vertical baling machine for oil drum, this situation does not arise.
  2. Generating income again. After being compressed and packed by the Shuliy waste oil drum baler machine, waste oil barrels can be sold easily, either to a scrapyard or to a recycling plant for secondary use.
waste oil drums

Applications of Shuliy waste oil drum baler machine

This hydraulic oil drum baler machine is not only for waste oil drums but also for waste fibers, clothes, corn straws, scrap metal, cans, PET bottles, cardboard, waste paper, tires, etc. All kinds of items that you want to recycle can be achieved with this hydraulic baling press. If you have materials that you would like to be baled, you can contact us and we will help you to solve your problem according to your needs.

Hydraulic waste oil drum  baler machine
hydraulic waste oil drum baler machine

Alternative for baling waste oil drums – hydraulic waste oil drum baler machine

Shuliy Machinery, as a professional manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of balers, we have not only vertical balers but also horizontal balers, which can be chosen flexibly according to the material the customer needs to handle. Theoretically, our horizontal hydraulic baling press can also be used for baling waste oil barrels, but the choice is made according to the customer’s actual needs. If you have a need, you can contact us and our sales manager will provide you with the best options for the hydraulic baling press machine for oil drums.

Successful projects for the waste oil drum baler machine

Shuliy’s waste oil drum baler has a rare place in the world of recycling. Because of the high cost performance of this hydraulic baler, it is often exported to Indonesia, Gabon, etc. In November this year, a customer from Gabon made a repeat purchase of our hydraulic press baler, which he used for baling waste oil drums. If you are interested in our baling press, please contact us!

Technical parameters of Shuliy waste oil drum baler machine for sale

Voltage380v 50hz 3phase

Video of the waste oil drum baler – how to press the oil drums?