As a large-scale hydraulic shearing and cutting equipment, scrap metal guillotine shear (gantry shearing machine) is mainly composed of gantry, silo, hydraulic system, and so on. Hydraulic gantry shear is suitable for various scrap iron processing plants and can shear domestic waste metal, engineering waste, demolition waste, angle channel steel, pipeline, and other waste metal. The operation mode is divided into the automatic and semi-automatic remote control. For users of gantry shears, it is necessary to understand the blade replacement operation and the safe operation specifications of the sheet metal guillotine shear. The following is the related general introduction.

Blade material of heavy-duty scrap metal guillotine shear

The blades are the main part of the cutting section of the gantry shear. The gantry shear blades produced by our company are equipped for use on the metal shear after quenching and forging, material modulation, secondary quenching, material testing, and machine tool finishing. Blade materials are mainly divided into H13, LD, SKD-11, D2, Cr12MoV, 6CrW2Si, 9CrSi, T8, T10, etc. After machining, grinding and heat treatment, the hardness of this kind of scrap metal guillotine shear can reach HRC 50-63. The price of blades made of different materials is often different, and there are also differences in shear performance and applicable materials.

Precautions for replacing shearing blades

After selecting the blade, the old blade of gantry shear needs to be replaced. In the process of replacement, pay attention to adjusting the blade gap, that is, adjusting the shear opening gap of the moving knife and fixed knife. During adjustment, first, adjust the clearance between the upper and lower blades to 0.5mm, and then adjust with a feeler gauge from the beginning to keep the clearance of the whole length of the blade basically consistent, and then return the blade edge to zero clearance. Then users need to make a careful adjustment. Observe carefully during operation, and never make the upper and lower blades bite. For the sharp blade, if there are burrs on the edge of the cut plate, the gap between the upper and lower blades can be appropriately reduced. Through the above adjustment, the gantry shearing machine blades can be replaced and the gap can be adjusted reasonably.

How to safety operate the scrap metal guillotine shear?

Sheet metal guillotine shear
Sheet Metal Guillotine Shear

Safe operation of the scrap metal guillotine shear

  1. Step 1

    Strictly abide by the safety operation rules of machine tool workers, and wear labor protection equipment as required. 
    Before working, check whether all aspects of the equipment are normal.

  2. Step 2

    Before working, check whether all aspects of the equipment are normal.

  3. Step 3

    The feeding work after starting the machine must be operated by special personnel. It is strictly forbidden to put objects with excellent materials into the material box, and can not cut metals with excellent materials, such as rail steel, crowbars, hydraulic cylinders, ultra-thick iron plates, or quenched steel. Excessive steel plate, high-grade alloy steel, and other objects to avoid blade damage.

  4. Step 4

    After the equipment is started, it should run idly for 1-2 minutes, and the upper sliding plate will move 2-3 times in full stroke. If any abnormal sound or fault is found, it should be stopped immediately, and the fault should be eliminated, and it can work only after everything is normal.

  5. Step 5

    The work should be under the unified command of one person so that the operator and the feeding and suppressing personnel are closely coordinated. Workers must not leave the machine during operation.

  6. Step 6

    According to the thickness, shape, and size of the sheet to be bent, adjust the stroke of the slider and adjust the selection of the upper and lower die and the bending pressure. When selecting the size of the lower die and checking the bending force of the workpiece, be sure to check the bending force table on the right side of the machine tool, and the working bending force must not be greater than the nominal force.

  7. Step 7

    If the workpiece or mold is found to be incorrect during operation, it should be stopped for correction. It is strictly forbidden to correct by hand during operation to prevent hand injury.

  8. Step 8

    Turn off the power immediately when the work is over.

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