The metal shear machine, also known as a “tiger-head shearing machine”, is suitable for cutting various scrap metals into the required sizes for smelting according to their length. The sheet metal guillotine is suitable for cold cutting of metal structural parts of various shapes, such as channel steel, square steel, round steel, steel plate, I-beam, steel pipe, etc. A sheet metal shearing machine is a hydraulic shear, with the outstanding features of safe and simple operation, continuous cutting, and high production efficiency.

Hot hydraulic metal shear machine for sale

A shear is one of the important auxiliary equipment in steel rolling machinery. The purpose of the metal shear machine is to cut the fixed length, head, tail, edge, sample, and local defects of the rolled piece. Hydraulic metal cutting machines are mainly used for cold cutting of metal profiles and wastes, and provide a load for castings.

Scrap shear machine application

The meal shear machine is suitable for cold rolling steel with various cross-section shapes in the waste material recycling industry or steel plants, such as round steel, square steel, channel steel, angle steel, beam, plate, and steel pipe. The design of cutting process parameters is reasonable, and the sheet metal guillotine has a wide application range and low energy consumption. It has a wide application prospect in the processing and treatment of metal recovery equipment, waste automobile, laminator, metal smelting, and casting industries.

Applications of the hydraulic metal shear machine
applications of the hydraulic metal shear machine

What makes up the metal shear machine?

The scrap shearing machine mainly contains the shearing oil cylinder, shearing knife, sliding block pressing knife, lower knife seat, pressing oil cylinder, etc.

Structure of the metal shear machine
structure of the metal shear machine

Features of scrap metal shearing machine

  • The metal shear machine uses hydraulic technology and has a high cutting size range and shear power. 1000mm and 1200mm are the working widths. The shear pressure and sheet/stock thickness are both higher on this sort of metal shear than on an alligator shear.
  • The sheet metal cutter machine has a high production efficiency and can cut continuously. It presses 8-12 times per minute and may feed automatically with the chain plate conveyor.
  • Hydraulic metal shearing machines are extremely reliable and have a long service life. When there is too much scrap steel to shear, the oil pump may actively limit the flow, preventing the motor from overheating. As a result, it is an excellent alternative for shearing trash in metal recovery departments.
  • Sheet metal cutter machines are applied in metal recycling plants, scrap metal plants, casting and smelting industries, cold cutting machines, bead pressing machines, product powders, plastics and FRP, thermal insulation, and rubber molding.
  • The scrap metal shearing machine is hydraulically powered equipment that is safe, dependable, and easy to use.
Scrap metal shearing machine for sale
scrap metal shearing machine for sale

Working principle of the scrap shear machine

The feeder distributes the material to the root of the aperture between the moveable and fixed shear heads when the oil pump is started. Then, on the operation panel, click the start button to fill the rear chamber of the pressing cylinder with oil and extend the piston rod to drive the pressing plate hinged with the piston rod to press down.

The rear chamber of the shearing cylinder will be filled with oil after the material has been pressed, and the piston rod will extend to force the moveable shear head to shut with the fixed shear head. After the blades installed on the two cutting heads cut off the fed materials in the process of closing, the cutting cylinder and the pressing cylinder retreat at the same time, driving the movable cutting head and the pressing plate back to their original positions, completing one shear cycle program and preparing for the next shear program.

Working video of metal shearing machine

Parameter of the hydraulic metal shear machine

ModelShear force(ton)Pressing force(ton)Working length(mm)Opening width(mm)Shear frequency (times/min)Total power (kW)

The above is part of the technical data of the shear machine. For special needs, welcome to send us your requirements.

The selection of electric metal shear

The required dimensions to accommodate your range of workpieces are an essential consideration when specifying and acquiring metal shear equipment. When purchasing an economical and appropriate metal shear machine, it is recommended to pay attention to the following points.

  1. When purchasing, the specific size and material of waste must be clear, so as to choose the machines with appropriate tonnage.
  2. Special materials or wastes have great hardness, so special blades need to be selected to reduce the trouble of replacement.
  3. The installation and operation of this equipment are simple, and the one-piece design can be selected to avoid installation.

Supportive equipment

The hydraulic metal shearing machine can be connected with a chainplate feeder for automatic feeding. The chain plate feeder machine realizes smooth feeding, avoiding the material bulge of the traditional conveying mechanism.

Other types of metal shear machine

Gantry Shears

Alligator shear machine