We are honored to receive a valued customer from the Philippines, who came to visit our scrap baling press factory. The main purpose of this trip is to get a close understanding of our metal baler production environment, manufacturing process and product quality control process.

metal baler factor visit by the Phillips

Scrap baling press production process display

During the visit, we showed in detail the whole process from raw material procurement, parts processing to the assembly of the whole machine.

Through advanced production equipment and a rigorous manufacturing process, our metal baler not only ensures structural stability and durability, but also achieves high efficiency and energy-saving performance. The customers highly appreciated our strict quality management system and excellent technology.

Metal baling press manufacturing workshop
metal baling press manufacturing workshop

On-site demonstration of machine performance

In order to let customers intuitively feel the excellent performance of our metal baler, we arranged a live operation demonstration, and baled all kinds of scrap metal.

With strong pressure output and an intelligent operating system, the metal baling machine can easily deal with different materials and shapes of waste materials, and quickly compress them into regular metal briquettes. Customers were impressed by the efficiency and stability of the machine.

Scrap metal press machine
scrap metal press machine

Deepen the intention of cooperation

After the visit, the Philippine customers had a deeper understanding of the overall strength of our scrap baling press, and expressed a strong intention of cooperation.

The two sides actively exchanged views on the possible future mode of cooperation and technical support, and sought to work together to promote the development of the local recycling industry of scrap metal resources in the Philippines, and jointly practice the concept of green circular economy.

If you’re interested in metal scrap baling press machine, come to contact us. If you also want to visit our factory, warmly welcome to visit our factory!