Recently, we were honored to receive a valued customer from Brazil, who came to visit our factory in search of a scrap metal cutting machine that can efficiently process all kinds of scrap metal.

After fully understanding the customer’s actual needs and business scenarios, we demonstrated our advanced scrap metal shear series, whose excellent performance and wide applicability won the customer’s attention.

Brailize customers visit our scrap metal cutting machine factory
Brailize customers visit our scrap metal cutting machine factory

Superior shearing capacity to meet diversified needs

Our scrap metal shears can easily handle scrap metal of all shapes and materials, including but not limited to scrap steel, iron, aluminium and mixed metals, thanks to their powerful shearing force and precise cutting technology.

gantry shear

The scrap metal cutting machine adopts high-strength blades and an optimally designed hydraulic system to ensure a fast and precise cutting process, which greatly improves the efficiency of scrap metal pre-processing.

Customized service demonstrates customer focus

To meet the specific needs of Brazilian customers, we provide personalized solutions that can be customized according to different material sizes and shear requirements, ensuring that the metal shearing equipment perfectly fits the customer’s actual operating environment.

At the same time, we promise to provide a one-stop service from equipment selection, installation and commissioning to post-maintenance, to create a worry-free experience for customers.

Scrap metal shear factory
scrap metal shear factory

Cooperation prospect on scrap metal cutting machine

Through this in-depth communication and site visit, Brazilian customers expressed strong interest in our scrap metal shearing machine and are looking forward to future cooperation.

Here, we sincerely invite more global customers with similar needs to visit us and share the industry progress and development opportunities brought by technological innovation. If you have any questions or cooperation intentions, please feel free to contact us.