Shuliy Machinery tyre shredder is a special machine for tearing and shredding tires. The shredded tire pieces range from 50-150mm and are affected by the screen. Because of its irregular finished product, the machine normally adds a screen. If you have special requirements for the finished product, please let us know and we will provide a reasonable solution for you. In July this year, we exported the rubber tire shredder to Australia.

Basic information about the Australian customer

This customer has a lot of scrap tires in Australia. Therefore, he wants a tyre shredder to process these scrap tires, which can be reused for waste. While browsing the web on Google, he happened to see that we have this machine, so he contacted us via WhatsApp.

Scrap tires
scrap tires

Details of the tyre shredder bought by the Australian customer

  • First, we contacted each other via WhatsApp to clarify the machine he wanted and then arranged the professional sales manager to introduce the twin shaft shredder to him.
  • Then, Shuliy sales manager introduced the machine information to him, such as machine configuration, screen, reducer, motor, etc. In addition, she also confirmed the size of the finished product the Australian customer wanted.
  • After that, the Australian customer described the finished product he wanted. Also, he asked questions about the price of the Shuliy tyre shredder.
  • Next, our sales manager explained. Because of the blades and reducers, the rubber tyre shredding machine has a different price. Shuliy machine uses good quality blades and reducer.
  • Later, the Australian customer raised other doubts about the machine, such as the screen size. Our sales manager answered all his doubts.
  • Finally, we signed the contract, and the client decided to buy the tyre shredder.
rubber tire recycling equipment

What did the Australian customer get?

If the waste tires are not disposed of, they will take up space and be troublesome to deal with subsequently. After using the multifunctional shredder for processing, it can be reused. This not only saves space but also creates economic value for the Australian customer.