The industrial shredder blade is one of the most important accessories on the industrial metal shredder. The quality of the industrial shredder blades directly affects the waste processing cycle. Forged from high-quality alloy steel, an industrial shredding machine blade is suitable for shredding various waste metal materials, waste plastics, waste wood, waste rubber, etc. Customers can choose the appropriate blade according to the material to be shredded, and adjust the thickness and quantity of the blade to obtain the expected shredding particle size and output. So, what is needed to know about the type of shredder blades? Besides, what should users pay attention to if the blade needs to be repaired and replaced during long-term use?

What are the common types of industrial shredder blades?

Single-shaft and double-shaft industrial shredders are commonly applied. Let’s have a view of the cutters of both types of shredders.

Blade shapes

The shape of the blade on the single-shaft industrial shredder is square, with the four sides curved and tapped holes in the middle. The part from the blade to the middle hole is recessed inward, which is used with the fixed knife on the blade holder.

The double-shaft shredder blade is a claw knife, which can generally be divided into the 3-claw blade, 5-claw, 7-claw, 8-claw shredder blade, 12-claw shredder blade, etc. This shredder blade is widely used in the shredding of scrap metal, scrap plastic, scrap rubber, wood, and other bulky waste.

Double shaft industrial shredder machine blades
Double Shaft Industrial Shredder Machine Blades

Blade material

Reasonable selection of the metal shredder blade material can not only ensure the service life of the blade and the machine but also reduce the frequency of blade replacement and maximize the interests of customers. The material of the shredder blade is generally 9CrSi, Cr12MoV, SKD-11, 6CrW2Si, 42CrMo, D2, DC53, LD. 9CrSi is alloy tool steel, which has high hardness and good wear resistance, suitable for soft waste materials such as rubber, fiber, paper, etc. Cr12MoV and SKD-11 are cold work die steels, with strong wear resistance and impact resistance, suitable for shredding wood, waste furniture, hard plastic, etc.

The single-shaft industrial shredder blades mainly smash soft materials such as plastics, wood. It requires materials with high quenching hardness and wear resistance. The common choices are Cr12MoV, D2, DC53, with the general hardness reaching about HRC60°. Some Customers require materials with high hardness above HRC62°, which are more wear-resistant and impact-resistant so that the shredder blade has a longer service life.

Double shaft metal shredder blade mold 2
Double Shaft Metal Shredder Blade Mold 2

The blades of the dual-shaft shredder are mainly made of 9CrSi, 55SiCr, H13, mainly for general service life and common objects including plastic bottles, wood, cans, ordinary metals, etc. For the requirements for shredding scrap metal materials or rubber, and for long service, it is advisable to choose D2, LD, etc. These materials have strong hardenability and resistance to high abrasive material. For shredding high-strength steel similar to automobile plate, beam steel, and other materials with high yield strength, it is necessary to choose H13Ni, HMB, and other impact-resistant and tough materials.

Industrial shredding machine knives sharpening skills

  • The wear of the industrial shredder blades is mainly the wear on the hooks. The method of repairing is to use a wire cutting machine or knife sharpener to polish the inside of the cutting edge until the cutting edge of the blade is sharp.
  • Pay attention to planing and grinding along the arc of the knife claw, and it must be perpendicular to the plane of the shredder blade, so that the loss of the original knife body will be minimal.
  • Be careful when maintaining the metal shredder blades. Do not blindly follow the grinding methods of other cutters, which may affect the life of the whole set of cutters. In severe cases, the whole set of cutters needs to be replaced.

How to replace the metal shredder blades?

During the replacement of industrial shredder blades, it is necessary to follow the right operation steps. Here are the general operating procedures.

Industrial shredder blades
Industrial Shredder Blades

Shredder blade replacement process

  1. First step

    Disassemble the shredding box of the shredder, remove the sealing ring of the knife box, and remove the two complete knife shafts. Since the cutter shaft is heavy, it can be fastened with a sling and lifted out with a crane or a forklift.

  2. Second step

    Find the other end of the cutter shaft with the pulley installed, and disassemble the collar on the shaft.

  3. Third step

    After dismantling the collar, the cutter head can be taken apart one by one. When the combination of the blade and the shaft is strong, use a hammer first, and add a wood backing plate to the blade to hammer lightly. If it does not work, it is needed to use the puller to disassemble it, find the damaged blade and replace it, and then install it as it is.