This sawdust baler actually belongs to a kind of horizontal press baler, which is specially used for compressing and baling sawdust and other wood waste. The main purpose is to facilitate transportation and storage.

For investors, investing in a hydraulic sawdust press can help customers to maximize the integration of resources and rational planning.

What kind of materials can be baled by the Shuliy sawdust baler machine?

Generally speaking, sawdust, wood shavings, wood chips, wood-type waste, etc. can be compressed and baled.

And, because this sawdust baler belongs to a kind of hydraulic baling press, the materials that can be baled by hydraulic baler machine are also applicable to this machine, such as tires, pet plastic bottles, waste clothes, waste cartons, waste paper, etc.

Why recycle wood sawdust? – Applications of sawdust

  1. Sawdust is made into semi-finished raw materials of mechanical charcoal by high temperature and high pressure of bar making machine, which is an ideal product with little investment and quick effect.
  2. Wood sawdust can also be used as fuel for smoked food.
  3. Sawdust can be used as a wrapping substrate for high branch pressings of azalea, kumquat, camellia, osmanthus, and other flowering trees. The material is comprehensive in nutrition, loose in texture, water retention, and air permeability, and clean and hygienic.

How to select a reliable sawdust baler manufacturer & supplier?

Since this is a recycling machine, there are various manufacturers and suppliers of the sawdust briquette press on the market. How to find the most suitable one among so many manufacturers? According to our experience, the following suggestions are given when buying the sawdust baler.

The technology of the sawdust briquette press manufacturer and supplier

After-sales service of sawdust baler manufacturers and suppliers

Export experience of wood sawdust baler machine for sale

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