The commercial metal briquetting machine includes two types of metal chip briquetting machine and metal baler, which can do cold-press directly for various metal wastes into briquettes under great pressure. And it is convenient for the storage, transportation, and recycling of scrap metal resources. Customers who have some knowledge of metal briquette machines will find that oil-free lubricating materials are often used in metal briquetting machines. Why? Here, Shuliy machinery, the manufacturer of metal recycling machinery, will explain the reasons for this in detail.

What is oil-free lubricating material in metal briquetting machine?

The prerequisite for oil-free lubrication of piston compressors by metal briquetting machines is the use of various self-lubricating materials to manufacture friction parts such as piston rings, guide rings and stuffing box sealing elements, so as to eliminate them from the cylinder (or liner) and piston rod Required lubricant.


There is no clear boundary between oil-free lubricating materials (self-lubricating materials) and non-self-lubricating materials in metal briquetting machines. Generally, materials with small friction factors are called self-lubricating materials, that is, friction reducing materials.

The reason for using oil-free lubricating material with hydraulic metal briquette machine

At present, self-lubricating materials are mainly polymers, solid lubricants, and polymer-based composites. A polymer is a substance composed of a polymer, that is, a molecule having the largest relative molecular mass (between 10-16), so it is called a polymer substance.

Hydraulic metal chips briquetting machine
hydraulic metal chips briquetting machine

 The oil-free lubricating material in the metal briquetting machine is a compound formed by some low-molecular compounds (called basic structural units or monomers) through a polymerization reaction (addition polymerization reaction or polycondensation reaction), also known as a polymer compound. Due to the special structure of the polymer, the polymer can have the characteristics of reducing friction and abrasion and other excellent properties that cannot be achieved by other materials, and its application is very wide.

With the development of science and technology, the use of oil-free lubricating materials in metal briquetting machines is becoming more and more demanding. The application of ordinary single homogeneous materials has been restricted, and various new types of composite materials are constantly emerging. Polymers and the variety of composite materials is of great help to the processing and production of metal recycling machinery.