As an important steel production and export country, Malaysia must not only improve the efficiency of steel processing but also pay attention to the recycling and utilization of steel resources. Commercial metal balers and metal briquetting machines are the main auxiliary equipment for metal recycling. Therefore, if you want to engage in the scrap metal processing industry in Malaysia, it is important to choose a hydraulic metal briquette machine of good quality.

Best metal balers are in stock
best metal balers are in stock

Why the scrap metal briquetting machine is needed in Malaysia?

The steel industry is an important basic industry in Malaysia. The current market value is estimated to be RM40 billion (approximately US $ 13 billion), contributing 4% of its GDP and 150,000 people engaged in the steel processing industry.

It is estimated that by 2020, the contribution of Malaysia’s steel industry to its GDP will reach 6.5%, and the number of employees will reach 225,000. From the perspective of the entire ASEAN region, Malaysia is the fourth largest steel consumer in ASEAN and one of the major steel producers in the ASEAN region.

Waste metal scraps for baling and recycling
waste metal scraps for baling and recycling

Although there are many steel mills in Malaysia, their scale is generally not large. Except for 10 larger steel mills, the rest are small and medium-sized steel mills. In addition, in Malaysia, the utilization rate of various types of metal resources is not high during the steel production process. Therefore, various types of metal resources must be recycled and reused through a series of metal recovery equipment. Automatic hydraulic metal briquette machine is a kind of equipment that is very popular in the Malaysian market.

Commercial metal scraps briquette machines for selling into Malaysia

The metal chip briquetting machines developed and manufactured in our factory have been exported to the United States, Brazil, Russia, Thailand, Egypt and other countries in large quantities.

Our newly designed metal recycling equipment is very competitive in the international market. It has the advantages of compact structure, intelligent operation, low noise, high work efficiency, and long service life. At present, more than 50 Malaysian customers have ordered our hydraulic metal briquette machine, and the customer feedback is very good. We are very happy with the result.